How Not To Get Sued Over Your Website's Accessibility

Can a disabled shopper buy from your website?

If this question makes you uncomfortable, I'm sorry, but we need to talk about it because business owners are getting scary web accessibility demand letters daily.

So let's have this conversation.

The first thing you need to know is that, according to Rafael Glantz from Accessibe, 300,000 of these types of demand letters were sent in 2021, and we don't want your business to be next.

So let's unpack this burning issue and what your options are!

There's so much to do on the internet right? We can work, learn, meet new people, network, date, and of course - shop. But did you know that 20% of the population has disabilities that exclude them from using the internet? That's a massive amount of potential buyers - and it's just not right.

The internet should be accessible to all!

That's why regulations exist to ensure that business owners are taking action and providing options for everyone. It's about equal access.

What Is An Accessible Website?

An accessible website is a website that has been adjusted and designed to make content more accessible for users with a wide range of disabilities, such as blindness, motor impairments, cognitive disabilities, epilepsy, and more.

To make a website accessible to a wide array of disabilities, it needs to be remediated according to the WCAG, or world content accessibility guidelines. The WCAG are the most widely accepted and used standards for accessible websites.

Wait...Isn't it really expensive and time-consuming to make your website accessible?

It used to be. But now with AI-powered solutions like Accessibe your site can be ready to go in less than a day.

Need help optimizing your website to increase your revenue?
That's what we do!

I'm worried my website is not accessible - what now?

If you're concerned that your website could be vulnerable, don't wait for the demand letter. By that time, it will be too late, and you'll already be in hot water.

We recommend the services of our partner - Accessibe!

Standards are always changing, and Accessibe keeps up with everything as it does. They also offer visitors a super customized experience based on their unique disabilities with a toolbar. There is no other way to offer something like this than through an app.

They implement the highest industry standards and practices regarding the security of the websites and are GDPR and CCPA compliant and trusted by industry leaders.

Take action to make your online store inclusive for all and get Accessibe - The #1 Automated Web Accessibility Solution for ADA & WCAG Compliance.

Pssst…Are you a past Hot Mess Shopify client?

If you chose NOT to install Accessibe to your Shopify store during your Hot Mess build (OR you were a client before this option existed) and you want it now email us at

We’ll also update your alt text and send you training videos on how to do this yourself. At the same time, we’ll run an accessibility compliance check for you and fix anything we can.

Read more about Accessibe:

To sign up for Accessibe:

To get help installing Accessibe AND/OR for past clients to get in line for the above items mentioned:

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  • Andrea Derryberry

    I just had my site done with y’all less than 6 months ago, I’m not sure if we did this or not how can I check

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