Website Accessibility

Our Website Accessibility

We strive to have a website that is accessible to as many as possible (not just because it's the law, but because it's the right thing to do) - we use and recommend the app Accessibe to make sure we are doing all we can in this department. But if you ever have additional questions or need assistance in this matter, please email us at or call us at 707-331-6408. 

Our Shopify Clients Website Accessibility

As of June 1, 2022, our full branding and website optimization packages include the following ada compliance measures:

  • Education, recommendation and installation of the app Accessibe for ongoing compliance needs and an accessibility toolbar.
  • Alt tags written and applied for all homepage and sub-page graphics.
  • Website accessibility page (similar to this one here).
  • Post-project website compliance report run, and all errors remedied or otherwise addressed (including educating on how to fix, or pointing client to the appropriate resource). 
  • Training video regarding how to keep up with alt tags (graphics and product photos) going forward.

For Our Past Shopify Clients

Believe it or not, website compliance is not ultimately the web designers responsibility (even though most business service consumers assume/believe that it is). We, at Hot Mess, don't want to settle for what we are legally required to do though, we want to always serve in the best way possible which is why we want to do as much as we can here! If you are a past client, and would like our help with the above items, we are offering this at no charge!* Please fill out this form to request this!

* The only possible charge here is if you are an on outdated theme that is causing coding errors that are affecting your websites accessibility. If that's the case, we will educate you on your options in upgrading your theme (we do offer this as a service, but we also have a DIY video we can send your way). Website maintenance is sooooo important, not only for this reason but for overall website functionality, site speed, SEO and just to have full access to all the latest and greatest Shopify platform features and updates!

If you any questions on anything on this page (or anything else, for that matter), please send us a message by emailing us at