About This Hot Mess

Heyyy girl!

My name is Angela and I'm your go-to Shopify and branding girl! I love champagne, hot tubs, white water rafting and camping. Probably in that order. But I'm NOT an alcoholic or anything, I swear!

Anyway, who am I to help you out? Well, let's see! I'm the owner of Thongin' It Boutique (www.thonginit.com). The author of 'Why the Hell am I not Wearing any Pants' (available on Amazon here). And I've assisted dozens of happy clients (mostly other boutique owners). You can check out my portfolio here, or checkout the reviews over on each of my product pages!

Oh - and I, like, think I know enough about branding to help you out!

That last part wasn't very convincing? Well here's the deal: my business name is Hot Mess Consulting for a reason. I am weary of any woman, business owner especially, who says she isn't a hot mess most of the time. Running a business, and developing a brand is messy stuff. But I want to help you get super clear on what you are offering and why, and then infuse that passion and personality into every aspect of your business. 

I mean, let's be real here, there are billions of other places your customers could be shopping! Why the h*ll should they choose you? And if you can't answer that question, then they certainly won't be able to either! 

I'll be honest (I love being honest), I don't sugar coat things. And I really mean business. But it's because I truly care about each of you and your babies (your businesses). Because, if you're anything like me, you have put everything into this already (all your resources - physical, financial, emotional), and I don't take that lightly!

So if you're ready to grow, despite your hot mess-ness, I'm here and happy to help!!

And if all else fails, just yell for More Champagne Please! Well, it all always seems to work for me anyway ;)!

- Angela