Meet the Hot Mess Team

want to know who you're getting involved with here!?!?

My name is Angela and I'm your go-to branding and website girl! I love champagne, hot tubs, white water rafting and camping. Probably in that order. But I'm NOT an alcoholic or anything, I swear!

Anyway, who am I to help you out? I started as a little online boutique owner with big dreams (Thongin' It Boutique), and somehow I ended up here. I've now helped hundreds of other amazing female business owners and built the tiny powerhouse dream team that is now Hot Mess (meet Sophia, Vicky, Stephanie, Karla and Anke below).

I'll be honest (I love being honest), I don't sugar coat things. And I really mean business. But it's because I truly care about each of you and your babies (your businesses). Because, if you're anything like me, you have put everything into this already (all your resources - physical, financial, emotional), and I don't take that lightly!

Looking forward to helping you evolve!

- Angela + the Hot Mess Team

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