Loyalty perks are here!

This has been a long time coming, but you can can now join our new 'Hot Dot Club' and earn points (aka Hot Dots) whenever you book any sort of service with us!

You can then use these Hot Dots to cash in for future services you may need at no charge to you!

Just our little way of saying thanks and that we SUPER appreciate you!

Ways to Earn Hot Dots

What if I'm a past client?

We are just launching this program (Sept. 2021), but we care soooo much about everyone we've served over the last few years that we are even going to be backdating points!! Over the next few months, we are going to slowly catch everyone in our system up so they have all the points they've accumulated! So be patient, and by year end, all past clients should be getting a notification via email from us when your points are available to you!

Have any questions about our Hot Dot Club?? Don't be shy, we're here to answer your Q's!