You Gotta Feed The Monster

(Big thanks to Danielle Fewings from Elevated E-Commerce for sharing her expertise with us!)

➡️ Stop worrying about the algorithm and start focusing on feeding the AI ⬅️

Is the algorithm to blame for it being crickets on your FB page?  Or is it a direct reflection of the lack of effort you’re putting into cultivating a thriving community on your Facebook page? Yes I said it.

It’s time to take accountability for the lack of engagement on your page. 

Go scroll your page. What would someone learn about YOU if they did a quick scroll? 

Would they learn that you LOVE a Starbucks cold brew every morning? ☕️ Or that you are a die-hard Love Is Blind fan?  Or that you’re a Swiftie? 💘 Or that you’re now a country music fan bc Bey is dropping a country album?

Or would they just see you posting new arrivals every single day? With captions like “All day everyday comfort with this sweater”? 

How exactly do you expect people to engage on a post like that? 

Are they just magically supposed to start having conversations in the comments about this sweater? 🙄

No - it is YOUR responsibility to cultivate the conversations and engagement you want happening on your page. 

THIS is how you feed the AI, which in turn, over time will reward you with a thriving Facebook page. 

Right now you’re giving it nothing, so that’s what you’re getting in return. 

Meta AI is HUNGRY - you have to feed it! It also really likes sweets, so we suggest you come up with 5 Sweet Spots that you can feed it on a daily basis. 

For me these would be:

  • My obsession with Topo Chico
  • My love of the Foo Fighters
  • Skincare/ Beauty Treatments
  • Dating
  • My dog, Crackers 

I see some of you doing this amazingly on your stories and I get it - it’s SUPER easy to lean into stories, but story engagement isn’t a place for you to grow your page community, it’s for nurturing your existing community. You need to make this a priority on your FB Page Feed.  

I also want to be clear that this sort of activity shouldn’t be outsourced. It just doesn’t make sense to do your morning workout, then send the post workout selfie to your social team for them to post. YOU should be posting your Sweet Spots in real time. Use your social team to post your new arrivals so you can take responsibility for building community. 

You will get left behind if you are not focused on feeding the AI. FB takes everything you feed it, chews it up and spits back out more people who are going to engage on your page, shop from you through FB/ IG Checkout and your paid ads (if you’re running them). 

The difference in results across engagement, FB/ IG Shops Checkout and paid ads between people who have been committed to working WITH AI and those who have sat back and BLAMED the algorithm is VASTLY different.  

Yes this post is 100% focused on your page because that is where feeding the AI matters most. We love your groups, but your page is where you’re going to be discovered by new customers, what feeds into FB/ IG Checkout AND Facebook Ads manager to give your ads a boost. 🚀

I know your first question is going to be, “how often should I post” and my answer is “you’re already over thinking it”. If your dog is being cute, just post it. If it’s time for your daily Topo Chico, share a selfie of you drinking it. 

Again, stop worrying about the algorithm and just focus on feeding the AI. But remember, the AI is a HUNGRY monster! Don’t let it starve to death.

(This article was first published on Elevated E-Commerce, and republished with authors permission.)

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