E-mail for E-Commerce: Stand Out and Shine Online

(Big thanks to Jill from Your Creative Concierge for sharing her expertise with us!)

Hellooooo digital darlings! So you’ve got a killer online store, but you’re struggling to stand out in a sea of pixels and pop-ups, huh? It’s not uncommon. In a world where swiping right is the new window shopping and emojis speak louder than words, having an edge in the e-commerce game is everything.

That’s why I’m absolutely obsessed with email marketing—when it’s done effectively, your brand simply sparkles and shines! This blog is intended to help you master the art of inbox allure and learn why email is your bestie when it comes to making connections and making sales.

Brand Like a Boss
Before you can even begin typing the first word of your email, you need to nail down your brand voice. In email marketing, your brand voice sets the tone for everything. It's the first impression your subscribers get when they open your email, and it determines whether or not they’ll keep reading.

Your brand voice isn't just about sounding cool (although that's a bonus). It's about building relationships, earning trust, and turning subscribers into loyal fangirls. Plus, a strong brand voice keeps your emails consistent with your overall vibe across all touchpoints. Here are a few tips on how to speak your own language:

1. Know Your Squad
First things first, get inside the heads of your target people. Who are they? What do they love? I’m gonna say it… absolutely stalk them on Insta, TikTok, Pinterest and beyond to find out what they’re spilling the tea about.

2. Define Your Vibe
Are you more like that chill friend who's always down for a laugh, or are you slaying it with that boss bitch energy? Are you gonna keep it casual and relatable, like you're texting your BFF? Or maybe you wanna add a sprinkle of humor and sass? Find your groove and stick to it.

3. Speak Their Language
Use slang and references your squad understands. Throw in some memes or pop culture nods that'll make 'em go, "Yasss, they get me!"

4. Stay Real and Stay Consistent
Authenticity is key. Be true to who you are across all your channels. No one likes a brand that's fake AF.

5. Flex Your Unique Flava
Show off what makes you special. Why should they choose you over the competition? Brag on yourself!!

The AIDA Framework: Your New Bestie

The AIDA framework is a proven method to craft emails that convert like crazy. AIDA stands for Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action. I like using this framework because it keeps me in the habit of storytelling – nothing engages a potential customer more than wanting to be a part of a story. With AIDA, the customer can really see themselves in your story. The AIDA framework helps to guide your audience through their own personal journey that ends with them clicking that "Buy Now" button because they literally can’t resist otherwise.

Attention: Grab 'Em Right from the Subject Line
Start strong with a subject line that makes them stop mid-scroll. Think emojis, catchy phrases, or teasing a big deal.
Kick off your email with something bold – a fun fact, question, or statement that hooks them in.
Example: Could this be our BIGGEST discount ever? 🤔🤑

Interest: Get 'Em Curious and Wanting More
DIscuss why your product is epic. Highlight benefits that solve their problems or fulfill their dreams.
Share real customer stories or reviews to show your stuff is legit.
Keep it short, sweet, and tailored to what they care about.
Example: Have you ever wanted to try shapewear, but were overwhelmed with where to start?

Desire: Make 'Em Need It, Like, Now
Paint a picture of how amazing life will be with your product. Appeal to their emotions and aspirations.
Use persuasive words and show off your product's unique perks.
Create a sense of urgency or FOMO (fear of missing out) to seal the deal.
Example: Our shapewear has a perfect fit for every body, and our simple online sizer makes sure you get a comfortable and secure fit. Plus, all items are on sale this weekend only!

Action: Tell 'Em What to Do Next (Hint: Shop!)
Wrap it up with a crystal-clear call-to-action (CTA) that's impossible to resist.
Use a button that screams, "Click me!" and spells out the benefits of taking action.
Throw in a sweet deal or deadline to get 'em moving.
Example: Want to feel comfortable in your skin again? Enter code SHAPE at checkout for our biggest discount yet.

Email Marketing Best Practices

Now that you’ve got a solid foundation on this e-marketing thing, I think you’re almost ready to hit send. But before you do, make sure you’re following all of these best practices:

1. Keep it Snappy
In a world of constant scrolling and swiping, brevity is your best friend. Keep your email copy short and sweet. Think punchy sentences, bullet points, and clear calls to action. Don't overcomplicate it – get straight to the point and deliver value.

2. Be Conversational
Drop the formalities and talk like you're texting your bestie. People crave authenticity, so show off your brand's personality. Use a casual, friendly tone that resonates with your audience. Ditch the corporate speak and let your brand's voice shine through.

3. Highlight Benefits
What's in it for them? Focus on the benefits of your products or services. How will they make your audience's life better, easier, or more enjoyable? Describe the value you're offering and why they can't resist.

4. Use Social Proof
People trust their peers more than traditional advertising. Showcase customer testimonials, reviews, or user-generated content to build trust and credibility. Let them see real people loving your brand.

5. Add a Dash of FOMO
Create a sense of urgency with limited-time offers, exclusive deals, or flash sales. Make them feel like they'll miss out if they don't act now. Fear of missing out (FOMO) is a powerful motivator!

6. Get Your Stiletto in the Door With An Irresistible Subject Line
I will always, always preach about important subject lines are. Did you know that nearly half, or 47%, of email recipients decide to open an email solely based on its subject line? Plus 69% of email recipients label emails as spam simply because of the subject line. So getting it right is crucial in getting your email opened. Here’s some ways to lure them in:

  • Ask a Question: Start a conversation right from the subject line by asking an intriguing question. Engage their curiosity and make them want to open your email.
  • Tease the Good Stuff: Create anticipation by teasing what's inside the email. Give them a sneak peek of your latest collection, sale, or exclusive content.
  • Use Numbers or Stats: Numbers stand out in a sea of text. Use percentages, discounts, or stats to grab attention and show value.
  • Keep it Short and Sweet: The digital world is all about quick reads and instant gratification. Keep your subject lines concise – aim for around 4-7 words max.

7. Show Them Where The Action Is
Okay, let's talk CTAs that actually get the job done in driving product sales. Here are some killer CTA buttons that'll have your audience clicking "Add to Cart" without even thinking:

  • Shop Now: Keep it simple and direct. "Shop Now" is straightforward and tells them exactly what to do next.
  • Get [Percentage] Off: Who doesn't love a good discount? "Get 20% Off Today" creates urgency and incentive to buy.
  • Limited Edition - Buy Now: Create a sense of exclusivity and urgency with a "Limited Edition - Buy Now" CTA. People love snagging unique finds.
  • Discover More: For those who crave info, "Discover More" invites them to explore further. Perfect for new product launches or collections.
  • Join the Club: Appeal to their desire to be part of something cool. "Join the Club" or "Unlock VIP Access" makes them feel special and in-the-know.
  • Get Free Shipping: Shipping costs can be a deal-breaker. "Get Free Shipping" encourages them to complete their purchase guilt-free.
  • Add to Cart: Sometimes, simplicity wins. "Add to Cart" is a classic CTA that prompts immediate action.

Remember, the key to a killer CTA is to make it compelling, clear, and aligned with your audience's needs and desires. Whether you're offering a discount, creating urgency, or highlighting exclusivity, your CTA should motivate them to take that next step towards checkout.

Remember, the key to email marketing success lies in understanding your audience, speaking their language, and delivering value with every message. Keep your emails authentic, engaging, and personalized to create meaningful connections that keep customers coming back for more.

That’s just my advice, and if you want some more of it, I’d be happy to look over some of your existing emails to see where your conversion issues may lie. Just schedule a free 15-minute copy audit, and I’ll make you the star of the inbox!


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