Shopify 2.0: The Dawn Of The New Themes

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It is imperative for any business on the internet to build an effective website. This is because a website can act as an online storefront!

Therefore, the website should be up to standard by being functional, attractive, and easy to use.

Doing so can be a challenge for many companies due to the extensive competition on the internet.

As a result, many companies invest heavily in professionals, like Hot Mess Consulting. Additionally, they may use an e-commerce platform to make website development much more effective.

One such e-commerce platform is Shopify.

Shopify is one of the most popular and growing e-commerce platforms, being trusted by some of the biggest brands in the world. Shopify allows businesses to set up an online storefront with ease.

With the newly introduced Shopify Online Store 2.0, the platform has reached a new level. It has increased the possibilities for developers while providing extensive options for sellers.

One prominent area where Shopify 2.0 shines is the new theme options. In this article, we will look at exactly how it does so.

Let's dive in.

Sections on every page

Previously, Shopify limited sections to be used only for the website's homepage. Sections refer to each element of a page, including text sections or banners. With sections, businesses could modify each section of their homepage to make it unique and functional.

Now, companies can do so for all their web pages allowing them to add various templates. They can do so courtesy of the new JSON template files. Once the template is added, sellers can use the new theme editor to add sections. This adds the possibility of sellers having complete control over their website theme.

Theme app extensions

With the older version of Shopify, it was not possible for apps to integrate with themes easily. This would leave a lot of work left for developers, who would have to build logic for each existing theme.

For the most part, these apps would appear on the storefront how they were intended to appear, which would make it difficult to match with the webpage theme.

With Online Store 2.0, the new app block feature allows sellers to display precisely what they want on web pages. They can even change the app settings through the new and improved theme editor.

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Improved Theme Editor

Shopify 2.0 brings a range of updates and improvements to the theme editor. This offers sellers a range of options while making it easier for developers to navigate. One notable change is the new tree view that allows you to view all the page's content through the sidebar. Merchants can then change these blocks or hide them according to their needs.

In essence, they can change their website's architecture. Previously, sellers would have to go through different sections to do this.

Dawn Theme

To represent the various changes introduced in Online Store 2.0, Shopify presented a new reference theme known as Dawn.

This new default theme ties together all the features of Shopify 2.0. Dawn stands out because it is significantly faster and more flexible than some previous popular themes like Debut.

Additionally, the theme offers minimum complexity to sellers, ensuring an all-around better experience. It is only fitting that Dawn is named the way it is since it represents the Dawn of new themes with Shopify 2.0.

Wrapping Up

It is essential for any business selling products on the internet to have a well-designed website. This is because it will act as a storefront for the company online. One way to create such a website is through Shopify, one of the most trusted e-commerce platforms.

The platform has recently introduced Online Store 2.0, which brings a range of improvements. In particular, the features show various possibilities when it comes to themes. Now sellers can customize sections for all pages, allowing them to control how their website looks. Theme app extensions allow themes to match apps shown on the webpage.

The new and improved theme editor allows sellers to view their pages better, alongside various other improvements. All these changes are represented effectively with the Dawn theme.

 We hope this article proves to be insightful for you. We recommend making use of Shopify 2.0 to benefit your e-commerce site.

About the author:

Abdullah Riaz is a writer, who alongside content writing, also takes part in fiction writing. He has already been published in a book as one of the winners of a fiction writing contest. In addition to writing, he also has experience with all sorts of research, particularly in IT-related fields.

He has always been a fan of writing and learning about new topics. Outside writing, you’ll find him spending time with his dog, Terry.🐶

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