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How Your Boutique Can Outshine Giants

Wanna know what we're gonna do about Temu (and others like them)?
Well, first, let me back up and tell you what we're not going to do - we're not going to let our emotions control us - because we're bada** boutique bosses, and we DON'T RATTLE.
We are unshakeable!

Temu is here. Is it ideal? No. Would you rather they weren't? Of course! But right now, your customers are seeing their ads, and the only thing in your control is how you will respond and take meaningful action. And know that you absolutely can - remember that upfront. It may not feel like it right now, but you CAN still compete - even with a giant. As a small business, you 100% have advantages you can leverage that they can't, so let's dive a lil deeper into those.

Temu offers folks a huge selection of products, and their main selling point is their prices - not their quality. They also have something for everyone, right? So finding curated collections - like things that go together isn't always that easy. These are already two things you can use to your advantage: quality and niche curation/collections. The giants are general stores - you are a specialty store, so you want to focus on what you can do that they can't.

Now, what about experience? Well, when it comes to your website, it's got to be as easy to use as the Temu app, that's for sure, so here's where optimization can help you at least be on the same level as a big general, but again there are things you can do to build relationships with your customers that they can't. I'm not just talking about outstanding customer service and hassle-free returns because that is a given, but you can think outside the box, keep your target audience in mind, and think of ways you can appeal just to what they want. You can focus on building a community and connecting directly with your shoppers - these efforts all build brand loyalty.

Branding, branding, branding. If you want to stand out, your branding needs to reflect exactly who you are, and who you serve. There's just no getting around this - strong brands are easy to remember. And story-telling! People do want to buy from actual people so your story, and the story of your business - which is completely unique - is also crucial to your branding - along with all the other good stuff!

Remember - you don't need to be everything for everyone! Focus on your niche and your audience, and focus on delighting them so that when they think about quality clothing and accessories - you're the first brand that pops into their head!!! Your unique vision, your dreams, the reason you started your boutique, and your dedication can never and will never be replicated by large corporations.

You've got the heart and the hustle to make your online boutique a CRAZY success and I hope this inspires you to take action!

And, of course, if you need help with the branding and website optimization bits - we'd love to help - let's start with a quick chat!

XOXO, Angela
🥰Your Online Boutique Bestie
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