The Website Glam Up Subscription

The Website Glam Up Subscription

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Monthly Tier
  • No Commitment, Cancel Any Time
  • Easy to Use, Fully Customizable
  • Lots of Extra Perks!

Your website and socials need to stay FRESH 🦄. Or you risk boring 😴 your customers (instead of keeping them coming back for more). We've got your fix, and it's glam 💄!

This is our monthly website and socials Glam Up subscription! And it's all catered specifically to YOU (the boutique owner). Affordable. Easy. It's what you've been searching for. 

We now have three tiers!!

  1. DIY Access: This includes FULL access to all the perks listed in the details below, for you to DIY your website glam up each month with our Canva graphic template packs!
  2. Access + Install: Everything in tier 1, AND our team will customize and install ONE glam up pack on your website each month for you!
  3. Fully Custom: All the same perks as tier 1, but this includes one fully custom to you and your brand homepage refresh with your dedicated designer each month, plus a website health check too! (Please note, this tier requires that proper branding guidelines are already in place, after booking, we will confirm and if they are not, we will discuss with you)!
See what's included (and some recent pack graphics) below 👇👇👇
  • You'll get a monthly everyday template pack!
  • PLUS bonus packs for all four seasons, and all major retail holidays and events!
  • PLUS you'll have access through your portal to the last SIX months of packs!

Notes about Tiers 2 + 3:

  • For tier 2, you will also get 1 pack (your choice of any pack available) installed for you each month by our team. And you can purchase additional installs if you need more in one month.
  • For tier 3, you will have access to all our packs too - but the main focus of your membership will be our fully custom and unique to you and your brand homepage refresh + website health check (one per month, but additional refreshes can be purchased when needed).
  • Homepage graphic templates including main banner, collection covers, app buttons, announcement banners and more
  • Facebook group cover banner
  • Social media post templates
  • Social media story video template
  • Promotional swipe copy to cut/paste and use on socials
  • Every pack is fully customizable to match your own branding.

The $29 DIY Access Tier does not include:

  • Team Time or hands on help with customization or installation is not included. This is a DIY template subscription.
  • The graphics are Supplied in Downloadable Graphic templates that you can customize on your own in Canva.
  • There are instructional videos AND you can ask for help if in our Facebook group and we'll guide you through it though!
  • If you subscribe to access only - and would like us to Install your graphics for you, you can book our Overlay Installation product, and we will gladly assist in customizing and installing for you!
  • OR you save if you subscribe to our access + install tier instead (which includes customization and installation of up to one pack per month).


Ideal for online business owners who want the flexibility to create and change up their homepage and social media graphics without having to start from scratch every time!


Our templates are completely customizable, so you can edit the text, colors, images, and anything else! It's never been easier to keep your brand strong and cohesive. 

  • Create your own gorgeous Social Media and Website Homepage Graphics 
  • Easy to use 
  • Fully customizable for your brand 
  • Professionally crafted by e-commerce Graphic Design specialists 
  • Classic, beautiful graphics without the frustration 
  • Customize your designs online for FREE using Canva Editor
  • Access to our monthly drop in office hours LIVE to ask any shopify, commentsold or branding related question (you can submit your question ahead and/or join us live)!
  • Give us feedback each quarter for upcoming pack plans! 
  • Get support on using your packs
  • Get random extra freebies each month dropped by our designers!
  • Give input on your membership in general - we are always asking for your advice as we are making sure the value for you guys remains top notch!
  • Save 20% on any hourly team time for smaller tasks (cannot be applied to full projects, only our hourly time).
  • Save 50% on any digital product or course we have or will launch!

Some of our recent packs!

Stay on trend.

Barbie came in fast and strong - and we made sure our August pack helped our subscribers capitalize on the viral trend. It's what we do.

Celebrate new seasons.

Every season change over is a big deal and opportunity in retail. That's why you also get a pack focused on every new season (Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter), on top of your everyday monthly packs.

Retail holidays count too.

Of course we include extra packs for the big guns, the 4th of July and Christmas for example, but we don't leave you hanging for the retail holidays either! Back to school, Black/Pink Friday, etc!

What's Inside?!

So easy to use!







PS: Don't worry, we include video instructions (plus you have access to the subscribers only Facebook group to ask for help)!

Most Asked Questions

  • Monthly everyday homepage/socials canva template pack
  • Bonus packs for all major retail holidays and events (see pack calendar here)!
  • Access through your portal to the last SIX months of packs (be sure to save packs you want to keep beyond that)!
  • Access to our subscribers only Facebook group to give us feedback, get support and so much more!
  • Access to our monthly drop in office hours call to ask any shopify, commentsold or branding related question (you can submit your question ahead and/or join us live)!
  • Save 20% on any hourly team time for smaller tasks (cannot be applied to full projects, only our hourly time).
  • Save 50% on any digital product or course we have or will launch! Scroll to the bottom of your portal to check out your discounts!

Don't forget these are fully customizable in canva - so all photos, colors and fonts can be adjusted.

That said - we know that since every boutique owner has their own unique brand style, our glam up packs may not all fit the spot PERFECTLY every single time!

But keep these things in mind too:

  • We try to keep our monthly everyday packs in line with most of our clients brand styles (and/or to be in line with something that is trending/viral right that moment)!
  • The more themed packs (for seasons, holidays or other retail events are all EXTRA packs that you may use or choose not to use - they are in addition to the monthly everyday packs).
  • You will find that some everyday packs are bolder/more fun, while other will be softer/more boho-chic and others still might be more minimal - this is why you have access (if subscribed) to the past 6 months of packs too so that you can use them as you wish to keep things fresh as often as you'd like.
  • We encourage you to try it out - see if they work for you AND we are open to full feedback (the good and the bad) through our facebook group or an anonymous survey we send out every month - so if they aren't working for you, tell us why so we can make sure they work for everyone as much as we can!!

You will receive video instructions - and have support in our facebook group (if you are a monthly subscriber) if you get stuck!

We can - we have a few options:

  • Yesss!!! Choose our tier 2 for customization and Install of 1 pack per month (you can also book additional installs if you need more than one update per month)!
  • If you are on tier 1, you can book our 'overlay installation' here at the normal cost and we can customize and install your pack for you as well (it’s more cost effective to subscribe for our monthly install though for sure)!

YESS - we want to help you plan - so we have a calendar for you here!

No contracts or commitment, you can cancel any time. You can pause or cancel your subscription here (you will lose access to your portal soon after cancellation):

You've Got Options!

DIY Access
Full Perks listed in the FAQs above!
Access + Install
Full Access to all the glam up perks from tier 1.
PLUS you'll have 1 Pack installed for you
by one of our professional designers each month!
Tier 3
Fully Custom
Fully customized (unique to you and your brand) homepage refresh each month with your dedicated graphic designer! And a Monthly Website Health Check too (to alert you of any issues and resolve for you if possible or guide you as to what needs to be updated). This tier also includes all the perks from tier 1.

NOTE: For tiers 2 and 3, your installs are meant to be used monthly - but if for any reason you don't need or use one in a month - you will rollover those 'credits' to use in the future (all credits will expire upon cancellation or pause of longer than three months).

Need more than one monthly install or refresh? 

If subscribed to tier 2, you can purchase additional pack installs for $85 anytime. If subscribed to tier 3, you can purchase additional homepage refreshes for $295 anytime. OR we can work with you on a completely custom monthly package based on your exact needs!

You can also book additional installs/refreshes if you want this done more than once per month - or we can cater a special monthly package to your needs, too! Just let us know what you need, and we can quote you on a monthly package!