Why Invest in Your Brand?


What is your most valuable business asset?

Your merchandise, your storefront, your staff?

Those are important for sure, but there’s another asset that controls your customer’s perception of your business, and it’s the golden key to influencing their buying behavior.

That asset?




Your brand is what other people say about you when you’re not in the room. - Jeff Bezos


Let’s be honest. No serious business owner can afford to ignore their brand—especially not when they have an online store. Bold branding helps your business stand out in the crowded virtual world, bustling with other stores competing for attention.

When done correctly, branding can help shape customer perceptions and build trust. But it needs to be consistent.


And that’s why you need expert help.

Now you might think that we’re just saying that because we are a branding agency (and it’s true that we would love to help ya!), but if you want professional results, that’s the only way.


When you need a root canal, you head to the dentist. When you need legal help, you get a lawyer. We trust professionals with the crucial things in our lives, and your branding shouldn’t be any different.

Can you do your own branding? Sure. You can also cut your hair.

But results may differ!


Need help optimizing your website to increase your revenue?
That's what we do!


What we do for our customers here at Hot Mess Consulting when we help them with branding and website optimization is put them in the best position possible to make sales when they go full force with their marketing efforts.

Here are a few ways investing in your brand can improve your business..


Know your customers better

Customers are drawn to fresh, exciting brands that speak to their interests.

To build a solid brand, you need to know as much about your ideal customers as possible, and that’s where brand research can really help you hone your business for success.

Finding out everything you can about your customers will allow you to make better offers and focus your marketing efforts on your target audience because you know what they like, what they engage with, and where they engage the most.

Build customer trust quicker

Solid branding helps you build the “know, like, and trust factor” much quicker, positioning you as a leader in your industry. And when people find a premium, cohesive brand that resonates with their core values, they are more than happy to pay premium prices too.


‘People don’t buy products; they buy brands’

Lower your marketing spend

Long-term, a bold brand image, and identity can increase the effectiveness of your marketing strategy and decrease your marketing spend.

Final Thoughts

The branding of your business is not just another expense for your marketing budget - it’s truly an investment that can yield massive returns if you nurture it.

Branding can change how people perceive your business, drive new business and increase brand value. But the opposite is also true - poor branding might put customers off your business.

When you choose to invest time and money into your brand and branding strategy, you are building brand equity, which means that over time your brand itself will add to the value of your business as a valuable asset.

So if you’re ready to build an empire - you need to start with your brand.

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