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3 Reasons to Choose Shopify for Ecommerce

Hey boutique owners! Today I'm looking at which platform is best for ecommerce, and - no secrets here - why we love Shopify so much. Ok ok, I might be biased, but in truth, there are three main reasons why I recommend Shopify above all other platforms for ecommerce for our clients.

So let’s dive in!


#1 Shopify is an Ecommerce First Platform

The first reason is that Shopify was built as an ecommerce first platform. What that means, and why it’s so important, is that when Shopify was actually created, it was always intended to be for E commerce business owners. That means it was built specifically for the unique needs and challenges of ecommerce businesses.

This puts it ahead of other platforms that were designed for bloggers, or podcasters, or service providers. It was built to help you grow your revenue and give your customers the best experience. And of course we use Shopify for our own platform for Hot Mess too! Shopify knows what they are doing, and they are good at it - and PS - their customer support is great.

#2 Shopify is Easy to Use:

Reason number two that we love Shopify is basically the ease of use. It’s the most simple ecommerce platform out there. And I'm talking about the backend, my friends, not just the on-page browsing or check out experience. This is about what you're going to need to do on a daily basis.

Uploading products is easy - you have options to do it individually or you can even upload a spreadsheet. There's also just a lot of resources available around Shopify and you won't find quite as many around some of the other platforms, so that also makes it easier. But just from a technical standpoint, that also means that when you need help, you're going to find more people that are available to help you with this platform.

Also, you don't necessarily need to be a coding developer to use Shopify and build your store.

Of course we have a coding developer because when you're really getting into advanced customization on your website, you definitely do need a developer at that point, but even just straight out of the box, there's dozens of themes that work for most users.

My key point here really is that having something simple is going to save you so much time and energy down the road, and you’ll need that for running your business, not spinning your wheels trying to fix up your website.

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#3 Shopify is Robust

And reason number three is that Shopify is really next level robust.   This does go back a little bit to the fact that they are ecommerce first and so they've really done a lot in terms of partnerships.

So whether it’s the choice of really stable themes to really speak your brand, or apps that are available to do a neat little function you want, or offering the payment options you want, or your email marketing - you can trust Shopify has some really great integrations.

And if Shopify doesn't already offer that service themselves, it’s likely that they can integrate pretty seamlessly with a third party that can. And the beauty is, it’s all designed with you as the business or store owner in mind, and your customer too.

And that’s why we ❤️ Shopify.

Wrapping Up: Shopify as the #1 ecommerce platform

So that is the long and short of why we recommend Shopify!

The bottom line really is that whatever platform you're looking at, there's going to be upsides and downsides.

Other platforms might do individual aspects better, but taken as a whole, we find Shopify is a lot smoother and easier to use, it’s intuitive and robust, and in the long term, that is gonna save you so much time and avoid so many headaches and heartaches.  

It’s just one less thing to worry about that could take up your mental energy, so that you can optimize your time and energy to focus on what matters: running your business. Ya feel me?

Hope this has helped!

If you love (or hate!) Shopify - let us know why in the comments!

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