Best Size Chart Apps For Your Shopify Store

So, after my post last week about sizing charts, I was flooded with people asking about apps, graphics vs. apps, which are the best apps etc! So, let's dive a 'lil deeper!!!

Okay - having sizing chart graphics vs a sizing chart app...

Sizing chart graphics

The pros here are that they can look beautiful buuuut you have to be really careful when it comes to providing ALT text for these images for accessibity purposes (keeping in mind that accessibity is a legal requirement). Now yes, accessibility apps are a lifesaver but they still can't read what's in a graphic so that would be one reason to choose a sizing chart app instead.  

FYI: That ALT text would have to look something like this: 

Sizing chart: S=2/4 M=6/8 L=10/12 XL=14/16 1XL=18/20 2XL=20/22 3XL=22/24

or this,

Tees Sizing Chart: XS=Chest 32-34" Waist 25-27" Hips 32-34" S=Chest 35-37" Waist 28-30" Hips 35-37" M=Chest 38-40" Waist 31-33" Hips 38-40" L=Chest 41-43" Waist 34-36" Hips 41-43" XL=Chest 44-46" Waist 37-39" Hips 44-46" 2XL=Chest 47-49" Waist 40-42" Hips 47-49" 3XL=Chest 50-52" Waist 43-45" Hips 50-52"

Sizing chart apps

Sizing chart apps can make your life ALOT easier, but most cost money. A few we will mention here have free plans, but they won't take you very far. 

However! Their additional features (and the information they provide, of course) can make for a much better customer shopping experience - and that's our main goal - so if you're not going to use an app - make sure you keep your sizing chart graphics and their ALT text up to date.

 So! When it comes to sizing chart apps - these are a few we recommend to our clients: 

  • Kiwi Size Chart & Recommender 
  • Avada: Size Chart, Size Guide
  • ESC - Size Charts & Size Guide
  • Clean Size Charts: Size Guide
  • BF Size Chart & Size Guides 

Sizing charts matter!

Whether you decide it's worth the money for an app or just want graphics, the most important thing is to have sizing information ready and available for the visitor to see. The more confident a customer is about the fit, the more likely they are to check out! So do what you have to do to make it easy for them!!

 Read more about sizing charts!

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