Sizing Charts Matter

Let’s talk about sizing charts and information pages for your website for a hot minute!

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You can help customers make informed decisions by having size chart/s available on your online store. Whether it’s an app you use or a graphic (there are pros and cons to both - for example, with a graphic, you need to be really careful about your alt tags, and alt text here because it’s not great for SEO and website accessibility purposes), a customer is more likely to convert when they feel confident about the sizing, right?! That’s a given. 

One way to let your visitors know you care about the fit is to include a Sizing Fit Guarantee. Basically, if you offer returns, you could actually reword that as a sizing fit guarantee because that’s kind of what it is, just expressed in a more customer-centric way. 

Take the time to build out a sizing information page - including a sizing fit guarantee (if you allow returns), a link to your returns policy, and a sizing chart or charts if you carry multiple brands. 

Your sizing chart or charts should be easy to find on every page - including individual product pages. And make sure your product description mentions more information on whether the item runs larger or smaller, true to size, etc. Almost all Shopify themes allow for some sort of a little size chart pop out, so make use of that!

The other thing to do is a Meet the Models display. Show pictures of people in different sizes, say what they’re normally wearing, as much stats as you can give. If you have their actual measurements, that’s great. And then what size that they’re wearing. This can really help people visualize what the item looks like on different body types. 

The downlow: Sizing charts matter - they really do!

Including size charts and other relevant information on your website when it comes to selling clothing is an absolute must if you want your customers to feel more confident buying from your store. 

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