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5 Things to Worry about More than your Website!

Tough love time!
I get so many questions about how to make more sales!
You are getting traffic to your website, but they aren't converting. What do you do? What's wrong with your website? How do you get them to convert?
Here it goes:
If you even have time to ask these questions, you're in trouble.
1. Are you actually even getting enough traffic to your website in the first place??? If you are getting less than 100 visits a day, don't even worry about your website just yet. Work on getting more traffic to your website. Should you work on improving your branding and website (yes, absolutely, always) - but it won't matter if you are getting 25 visits a day and wondering why no one is purchasing.
2. Ok - HOW do you get more traffic to your website? You already know all the possible ways to drive traffic. Are you trying any of them? And are you half-a**ing them hoping for the best because you have no idea how to make that strategy actually work for you, or are you going absolutely all the eff in with that strategy (whether it's pinterest, SEO, emails, text messages, influencer/affiliate marketing, organic facebook posting, paid facebook ads, the list could go on).
3. What does going all in mean? It means NOT picking 5 different routes to try to drive traffic, but picking 1-2 and getting AMAZING at them! How? Heck, I don't know. How??? Figure it out!! Search facebook, google, youtube, our blog here - for free or paid trainings. Even all those ads you see here on Facebook, consume some of those freebies, invest in some of those courses (be careful of course lol)! And again focus on just 1-2 strategies and consume all the information you can about how to make that platform or strategy work for YOU.
4. Be aware that no course or training or blog or tutorial (free or paid) will guarantee you results. You have to dig in, give it a go, tweak based on what's working and not working (which means getting out of your comfort zone and analyze what's working and not working in the first place).
5. Listen, most businesses won't make it, and the number of 'hobby' businesses out there (businesses not profiting) is outrageous!!! But if you have time to ask why it's not working, than that's your first issue, because a successful business owner would never ask that question, instead they will just do whatever the heck that have to do to find the answer and get to work (knowing that they will never find the one and only answer, cuz there isn't a one and only answer).
Always here for you - but never going to sugar coat it - because I want you to succeed!
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