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What can we learn from DryBar about powerful branding?!?!

Let's chat about POWERFUL branding. 💪🔥

I reallllly appreciate legit branding (as I should since I'm a brand designer lol). But for a non-brand designer (aka your customers), they may not know a good brand when they are looking right at it. But it will still affect their behavior as a consumer. And yes, the first thing you notice about a brand is generally how it looks. BUT there's definitely a lot more to it than that.
Every time I go to DryBar (and I go a lot, when I'm in the US, I go once a week for my weekly blow out), I admire their branding. Not because it's that over-the-top unique, bold or beautiful. It's actually really simple, much of it could have been designed in Canva by someone with not a ton of brand experience. EXCEPT that it's so clean, simple, cohesive, memorable, and pretty. It's low key but it's all intentional.
But ok, let's talk about what DryBar is doing right and what we - in the boutique industry - can take away from it (which, by the way, they have well over 100 locations at this point as a franchise, so I'm not just making this up lol).
The Visual Branding: OK not the only aspect of branding but it's a big one.
  • They've chosen one signature color (yellow) to focus on (and white as a neutral sidekick). Everywhere.
  • Simple, clear, legible logo that tells you exactly what they do.
  • Typography choices are simple and clean and cohesive.
  • Every tool, from their hand mirrors for us to check out our blowout, their blowdryers and brushes, everything (all of it) is their signature yellow, branded and cohesive.
  • Everything from their doormat, their menu, their instagram posts, their uniform yellow aprons, to their full salon buildouts are visually cohesive.
  • I can spot a DryBar a mile away. Which means that no matter where I am in the US, I can feel that sense of familiarity and comfortability.
  • It makes it an easy experience to remember and keep top of mind any time I even think of getting a blow out.
The Offering: What you sell is actually a part of your brand! I mean it IS your brand. These guys do blow outs. Just blow outs. They don't do cuts or colors or anything else. Just blow outs. They do them extremely well too. Everything has been thought of. Some examples:
  • The menu of 6 unique style options so that we don't have to come in and try to explain what we want, we just pick our usual loved style and we know that all the hair stylists are going to get it right every time
  • The shape of the sink where they wash our hair to make sure that we never leave with a wet t-shirt or an uncomfortable neck kink.
  • The metal slots at every station where they keep the hot straighteners while they are warming up.
  • The consistent 45 minute process (I really don't know how they do it because other hairdressers have taken up to an hour and 45 minutes with my thick hair, but these guys have the process DOWN).
In other words, I wouldn't come here for anything else. And I expect the same quality and service at any location I go to (and they deliver that too, because they train all their stylists that way as well). Wherever I am in the US, on vacation even, if I want to get a blow out - that is what I will search for first.
Messaging and the Small Details: From their business name, to the names of every hairstyle option, to the names of every single product they may use in our hair. It's all branded and part of the experience (my favorite style is the mai tai, and my look is finished off with the final call spray). We are in a bar, for blow outs. Every detail has been thought of and adds to the experience.


  • Being memorable, clear and consistent matters. Keep them coming back for more. Make it feel like an experience for them. Make it easy for them to share about it with others. Make them feel like they have found somewhere where they belong.
  • Being clear on what you offer and who your customer is matters (focus the heck out of them, don't worry about the rest - you can't be everything to everyone or you end up being nothing to everyone instead - but you CAN be everything to a select few and they want exactly what you have too). So don't worry about adding kids or mens or plus, necessarily (and I'm all for inclusivity, but business is also business, focus on making the very most out of your bread and butter before you expand to new offerings).
  • Every little detail and touch point matters. Whether in store or online. This is one reason I never recommend combining two different businesses (or even two legs of a business) on one website. Even wholesale vs retail, your end customer is different. What they need and want is different. You want to cater exclusively to them at every opportunity.
OK - I could go on but I'll stop here. The point is STRONG branding matters. These days more than ever. Need to pick someones brain??? Or want 1:1 help? Book in a free call with us at!
Angela, Your Shopify Setup Girl
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