Product Photo Re-Sizing Magic

Are you sick of worrying about re-sizing your product photos on Shopify to be consistent? We've got your CODING fix!! Watch the video or read below for all the deets 😍💃!

  • That's right - no monthly cost, just a one-time fee for our coding development magic.
  • And no wonky apps or theme setting options.
    • The apps that are out there honestly fall flat (cropping in odd ways, distorting photos, adding white around the photos which looks even worse).
    • And the themes that offer re-sizing. Eh, they don't work quite right either (maybe they can resize the heights but not the widths, or they add the white space like some of the apps, or they work on desktop but not mobile).
  • Please note: this does not resize the product photos at the product page level (nor would I recommend that), but on the homepage (featured collections) and collection page levels, for a nice, clean, uniform look. 
  • Also note: the coding work is done on your current theme. And it is attached to that theme only, if you change themes in the future, the coding work would need to be re-done, but we would be happy to do so at a discount for you if that's the case :)!

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