Our first ever Hot Mess Client Appreciation week is coming!

There's going to be deals and steals (giveaways). New Services and Programs (you won't be able to wait for these). And TONS of Extra Biz Tips to Share. We hope you're ready!

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    • Monday | 9/20/21

      9AM PST: Kickoff With a Surprise Giveaway (in our facebook group)

      11AM PST: Mini Live Workshop | Strong Cohesive Branding w/the Hot Mess Designers

    • Tuesday | 9/21/21

      9AM PST: NEW Service reveal (including giveaway of said new service in our facebook group)

      11AM PST: Mini Live Workshop | Website Teardowns with Angela (dare to sit in the hotseat - request form below)?

    • Wednesday | 9/22/21

      9AM PST: An offer for New Clients announced

      11AM PST: Mini Live Workshop | Website Menu + Organization Teardowns with Stephanie (dare to sit in the hot seat - request form below)?

    • Thursday | 9/23/21

      9AM PST: New Loyalty Program announced for all past/existing/new clients!

      11AM PST: Mini Live Workshop | Website Customer Journey Teardowns with Karla (dare to sit in the hot seat - request form below)?

    • Friday | 9/24/21

      12PM-4PM PST: INCREDIBLE deals, announced on the hour

      **Each deal will be offered in a very limited quantity. First come, first served (this is where those incredible deals that seem to never come around again to work with us kick in)! Be ready! Be alert!

    • Through the End of the Month | Sept 2021

      We have already started to offer little freebies at random and will be giving these out throughout the month (YOU might be next, you can put your hat in the ring by visiting my personal facebook page, finding the post about it and commenting)!

    There will be many ways to follow us to hear all the news! Most of the ways to actually participate are happening in the Facebook group, but we will be updating this page (that you're on now), emailing, and text messaging alerts and reminders too!

    And what is this really all about?

    We Appreciate You!

    Never in a million-kajillion years did I believe that helping out a few fellow boutique owners (a few years ago) with what I love doing most would turn into this .... whole .... thing!

    The truth is that, 'mighty' as we may appear sometimes, we are still a small scrappy business too. Fighting alongside you to beat the odds and build the empire.

    Sometimes we struggle to cover payroll. Sometimes we drop a ball - sometimes it was too important of a ball to drop. Sometimes we handle things the wrong way, or say the wrong thing.

    But always do we just want YOU all to succeed. It's what we are really here for and it's WHY we are even here.

    And, believe me, every single message of support, homepage refresh, full project - all of it, every single thing, means so much to us and is what allows us to continue serving.

    So before the madness of Q4 begins, I just wanted to take a pause and honor all of that (honor all of YOU).

    - Angela

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    Any questions at all about our first ever Hot Mess Client (and friend) Appreciation week? No question is too silly, we're always here for YOU boo - but especially for this special week!