So, you have questions? You're not alone! We get a lot of questions - and if you're a savvy biz owner, asking questions is exactlywhat you should do! Your website is an investment in your business, and we know how important it is to choose the right branding and website design agency.

We've taken all our commonly asked questions and rounded them up here for you, and we hope we're able to address all the questions that may come up! Be sure to check out our Package Comparison Chart for a detailed breakdown of our services. And if you still have Qs, reach out to the team at

What are your Branding + Website Design package options? How much do your packages cost?

After three years and working with over a thousand biz owners, the Hot Mess Team has crafted three amazing packages for our clients:

Sold out
Sold out
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For more details and to see what is included in each package, check out our Package Comparison Chart.

What’s the difference between Starter, Standard, and Deluxe? And which package should I choose?

A successful e-commerce biz that’s been running for five years needs something different than a new business owner!

Our expert team has designed each of our packages to meet the business needs of the many e-commerce owners we’ve gotten to know over the last three years. So here’s a breakdown of our three packages:

We created this NON-CUSTOM package for the new business owner who wants to get started with an amazing site they can grow with. Choose from our catalog of Style Packs, and you’re good to go! Our Team will optimize your site with a basic setup to start your store off right.

This package is SEMI-CUSTOM. Choose an Exclusive Style Pack (never to be used again!) and work with your dedicated Designer to add the final touches. Our Team will optimize your site with our standard setup, so you are set up for success.

This FULL CUSTOM package gets into every nook and cranny of brand development and website optimization. Get everything from in-depth brand development to a fully customized site. Your dedicated Team will help make your dream store a stunning reality!

So which one should you choose? It depends! Are you a new biz owner? Then we recommend our Starter package. If you’re an existing biz owner or ready to jump ALL IN, then we recommend the Standard or Deluxe package based on your needs.

For a more in depth look at each package and what’s included, check out our Package Comparison Chart.

Still unsure? Email our team at

What kind of stores/businesses do you work with?

We work with all kinds of businesses! Clothing boutiques, personal care, farms, and more. If you have an ecommerce business, our packages are designed for you!

Are your packages for Shopify or CommentSold websites?

Yes! We love Shopify and CommentSold and we work with both. Our packages have been designed with both ecommerce platforms in mind to be sure that we are optimizing your site on your chosen platform.

What if I’m not on Shopify or CommentSold?

If you aren’t currently on Shopify or CommentSold, we’d love to help you make the move! Otherwise, our packages are designed for Shopify or CommentSold only.

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes! While we do offer Sezzle for our other services, on our Branding + Website Design packages we offer the following payment plans:

Full Pay: $3,250
2 Pay: Two payments of $1,700 (First payment due at booking. Second payment due before project completion.)

Full Pay: $8,250
2 Pay: Two payments of $4,200 (First payment due at booking. Second payment due before project completion.)
4 Pay: Four payments of $2,125 (First payment due at booking. Final payment due before project completion.)

When will we get started? And when will my site be done?!

We know you want your site like yesterday LOL. Our project start and turnaround time is based on your package, and based on YOU. We are working together and for each package there are things that we need from you to keep your project moving forward. This is your business after all - so we need you to be ALL IN!

Here are some general expected project start and completion times based on the package:

Typically starts within 1 week of receiving all information needed from the client.
Typically completes within 1-2 weeks of project start.

Typically starts within 2 weeks of receiving all information needed from the client.
Typically completes within 4-6 weeks of project start.

Typically starts within 2 weeks of receiving all information needed from the client.
Typically completes within 6-8 weeks of project start.

* While we heavily rely on receiving info from you to start your project, at times we may put up a waitlist while we go all in with our booked clients. When we do that, start dates may vary based on availability. We do our best to communicate with you from the get-go so you know what to expect!

What is the difference between Starter Catalog Design (Starter Package), Exclusive Catalog Design (Standard Package), and Custom Brand Design (Deluxe Package)?

Starter Catalog Design:The Hot Mess Design Team has created a catalog of beautiful style packs for you to choose from! There are styles for everyone - Feminine, Ultra Modern, Western, Shabby Chic, and more. Choose a pre-designed style pack including colors and fonts from our Standard catalog and our team will get your site setup and looking beautiful in no time! (Please note: there are no revisions or customizations for the Standard Catalog Designs)

Exclusive Catalog Design: Our Exclusive Style packs are expertly crafted by the Hot Mess Design Team as the foundation of your brand. Choose a pre-designed style pack, including colors and fonts, from the Exclusive catalog. Once selected, your style will be removed from our catalog so no one else will have the same design! You'll then work with your dedicated Designer to customize the Exclusive design for your brand with up to 2 revisions.

Custom Brand Design:Work one-on-one with your dedicated Hot Mess Designer to create a custom brand developed just for you! You’ll get everything from brand development, brand style, custom colors, fonts, and more. Our Deluxe clients get it all! Custom brand design includes up to 2 revisions.

What is the difference between Standard (Starter Package) or Custom logo design (Standard and Deluxe Package)?

Standard Logo Design: This is a text-only logo design using your business name (as you would like it to appear in your logo) to perfectly match the Standard Catalog Design you have selected. You’ll receive one logo variation.

Custom Logo Design: You’ll work with your designer to create a custom logo using text and design elements that seamlessly work with your brand. You’ll receive multiple logo variations: text-only, main design logo, Favicon, and more according to your package.

Which Shopify themes are Hot Mess approved?

We’ve worked with A LOT of Shopify Themes and these are the themes we recommend for our clients:
FREE: Dawn (Note: The Starter Package is setup with Dawn ONLY)
PAID: Turbo, Icon, or Impulse

And don’t worry - we’ll help you choose the best theme based on your needs!

Why don’t your packages include Product Upload/Migration, Product Syncing/Integration, Bulk Editing/Tags, or Product Photos/Descriptions?

Bottom line is - that’s not what we do! We’re here to help you create fierce branding and optimize your website with powerful strategies. When it comes to product management that is something you’ll need to do on your own. But don’t worry! There are a TON of resources out there for you, including some of our own Hot Mess Blogs and Videos!

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