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It's no secret! Our past clients get red carpet treatment and special rates!

Ready for a Refresh?

Whether you need just the photos swapped out on your homepage graphics, OR you want a fresh new look as well (or maybe something else entirely), we are here for you with great loyalty rates!

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  • Re-Brand Design + Website Build

    Includes everything in our full Shopify or CommentSold Branding + Website Design Service.

  • Homepage Refresh

    We can help give your homepage a little facelift since the last time we worked with you! Including a fresh new look and swapping out all your photos as well!

  • Photo Swapout

    If you don't need ANY graphic changes at all (you still LOVE the look and don't need to request any changes), BUT you need to update the photos on your homepage - this is the option for you!

Other Hot Mess Loyalty Services:

Need a little guidance? Not sure which option is right for you, or do you need a custom quote? Let's chat!

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