Wholesale Setup for Shopify

Wholesale Setup for Shopify

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Can be purchased a la carte (if no other website help is needed), or can be added to one of our Shopify services. This setup can be for a website that will sell ONLY wholesale items, or a combined retail/wholesale website. Save if this is being bundled with any Full Shopify Website Package.

Wholesale Setup includes all app installs and/or coding development based on clients wholesale needs in order to:

    • Lock products from being seen and/or purchased unless customer logged in and tagged 'wholesale'
    • Set item or order totals/minimums
    • Setup Special Shipping Settings
    • Creation of Wholesale policies page, including most commonly used policies
    • Wholesale application created and flow/process explained via video so you know how to manage and approve applicants going forward.
    • Adjustment to transactional and/or welcome emails to fit situation.
    • Optional (if needed): 1-2 addtl app installs that you may need that relate to selling to your wholesale customers

Please note: some apps you may need will be paid apps, it depends upon your specific situation. We do as much as we can through coding development, but you are still likely to have some paid apps (between $5-60/monthly, the high end if your situation/wholesale rules is a bit more complicated than most).