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What the H*ll is a Hot Mess Entrepreneuress?

Before I dive into my journey as a business owner with you - I want to address my title: Hot Mess Entrepreneuress. I mean why embrace the hot mess right?

Well, maybe no one wants to be a hot mess. Maybe no one wants to learn from someone who considers herself a hot mess. But those are not my people. My people are the ones that, like me, embrace all the life mistakes, challenges and lessons AND are really honest about their own 'stuff.' A positive mindset is crucial to creating a successful business and life - totally crucial! However, there is an authentic path to take to remain positive, and always continue growing. A path that involves embracing the parts of ourselves that just ain't that pretty. The parts that are damn messy. The parts that really are a Hot Mess.

The Hot Mess shows herself when she wakes up in the middle of the night with an empty pit feeling in her stomach, as she questions if she is even capable of doing what she set out to do. Or when she pours hours and hours into a particular project just to learn that there was a much simpler way all along. Or when she plans and prepares for conducting her business in a certain sort of manner only to realize that her customers want to do business in an entirely different manner. And especially when she sometimes feels like a fraud, an amateur, a pipe-dreamer, or maybe even kind of an idiot.

These are the Hot Mess parts. And then there are the Entrepreneuress parts!

The Entrepreneuress shows herself when she remembers that deep down in her gut, she absolutely knows she is fully capable of doing whatever she sets out to do. And when she has no regrets about learning things the hard way, because she knows that (for the most part) the hard way is the only way. And when she pays attention to the things that aren't going right in her business, and isn't afraid to change course (a little, or hell, even a lot). And finally, when she's ready to stand up and shout to the world 'Hell yeah, I'm a Hot Mess!!!! But hell yeah, I got this!!'

So if you want to follow someone with all the answers, be my guest. But if you want to push yourself to grow, and fully embrace your own Hot Mess on your way to the top - I'll be here....waking up in the middle of the night questioning everything before remembering how bad-ass I really am! Hope you join me!


Angela, the Hot Mess Entrepreneuress

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