The BIG announcement.

The BIG announcement.


So. If you've been following my journey closely enough. I'm sure one thing is clear. I'm totally bat-sh*t crazy. Like, totally!

I once said (after college graduation when I realized 'oh, shit' now what do I do) that it was a blessing and a curse to have huge dreams. And I still believe it. Sometimes it just feels that I'm insatiable. That I'll never be 'content.' And maybe these things are true. But - I'm holding out! I don't think I'm insatiable, I just think that I have a heart and soul that will not settle for anything less than my wildest dreams. 

And sometimes I feel a little guilty about all of this. Who am I to deserve more. But it's not just me that deserves more, we all do. And if anything, I want to continue to be an example of what is possible. I'm nobody special. I mean nobody any more special than anyone else. And I totally get that maybe your dreams aren't anything like mine. But what your dreams consist of doesn't really matter, what matters is that you don't give up on them and that you know you can make them a reality IF you truly want to. Anything is possible my friend, with grit, strategy, and a mindset that believes. 

Ok, ok. I'll get to the point here. I'm putting in my 45 days notice to the universe. Or to the United States that is.
I'mmmmmm going to be following my heart and making some more BIG life changes here pretty soon... like Mid-October-Or-So soon:
  1. I'm going to be selling or liquidating (or a combination) my boutique. So that my business is fully 100% remote. 
  2. I'm going to sublet my apartment to a particular friend in need - or move all my sh*t to a storage unit and break my lease. 
  3. I'm going to drive my little Missy Moo (my yorkie shitzu) to my mamas.
  4. And then I'm going to be heading out of the country (Europe specifically, for now anyway). For a long while. Not like Bali. That was a 2 week vacation, where I wasn't working and spent quite a bit on fairly lavish resorts. I'm going to be going out there to just live. To work. To learn. To grow. To, in all reality, spend less on accommodations then I even have been here (our cost of living is so high in California, it just doesn't even make sense for me to be here when I don't have any roots). 

Yes, I'm scared (maybe even terrified). Hell, I'm scared to even just publish this blog post. I might even have to go vomit, to be honest. But being a business owner is only one small part of my dreams. And I can't go back now, and I can't stay here either, I have to keep moving forward. Because it's something I've always wanted to do. And there will never be an opportune time - at least not as opportune as this moment right here, right?

So - here goes everything. 

- Angela 


AWESOME!!! I think you will rock this lifestyle!!! Good luck and stay connected!!!


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