Questions To Ask Before You Invest in Your Website

Have you made significant investments in your business without any payoff? And was that because you invested in the wrong thing or with a lousy freelancer/company? Or was it because you didn't do your part to make the most of that investment?

I know it can be tough to make sure you are investing wisely. First, I would say that it's better to invest in the right help (what you really need based on your current strategy and goals) than to look for the cheapest solution or just pick a new project based on emotion, impulse, or 'shiny object syndrome.'

For example, let's consider investing in a Facebook Ads Marketing Expert. Is your business even genuinely ready for the investment of ads? Is the website you will send your (potentially expensive new) customers to on point? Do you have enough inventory even to support the revenue goals that you have set for your Facebook ads? Do you have a shipping team in place (or are you ready to grow your shipping team) to handle the potential increase in revenue? Do you have strategies in place on how to nurture those potential customers until they are ready to purchase? Do you know your Facebook Ads revenue goals? And your conversion rate? So you can figure out how many daily visitors you'll need to your website? Or are you just going to wing it all and hope your new Facebook Ads expert thinks of all these things for you?

Don't get me wrong, there are many experts who WILL think of these things for you (or with you, I should say)! But not all. For example, there is a big difference between hiring a virtual assistant to post for you on social media, versus trying to find someone who is going to actually work with you on creating your social media marketing strategy and helping you actually reach your specific goals (this would include unique engaging content creation that truly encapsulates your brand, ongoing data analysis and subsequent adjustment of initial marketing strategy based on the feedback from that data). 

And hey, depending on your goals and current needs, a VA may be just what you need. But you should be very clear on what exactly you need and realistic on who or what can really make that happen.

Look, you can't be afraid to invest in your business. Yes, you can get pretty dang far sometimes just winging it and hustling. But there comes a point where doing things this way just isn't sustainable. Do you really want to work this hard for the rest of your business-owning-life? And are you really getting out of this business what you want and need to be (are you paying yourself a decent salary? Is your business supporting a team so that you don't have to wear every single hat? Are you able to take some time off while your business goes on without you, etc.)?

Anyway, the point is: do I recommend investing in your business? Hands down, absolutely. But do I recommend investing in your business without truly understanding what your goals are and what specific role this investment will have in helping you reach those goals? Absolutely not.

Always here for some tough love, I want you to succeed!!


Angela (Hot Mess Consulting)

Your Shopify & Branding Bestie

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