Ireland, sweet Ireland

Ok - I'm out here doing the thing (traveling the world while working from my laptop)?!?!? I plan to post a blog for each Country I hit! But let's go back a bit further on this first one, shall we?!?!

What did the days leading up to my big adventure look like?

Well, mostly:

1) Getting into some heated arguments with my bestie, turned roomie, Danielle. We are like sisters (literally my mama knew her mama when we were both still just beans in their bellies, in fact my mama and her mama would hang out as teenagers, getting alcohol from this older guy that would soon be my dad). Ok enough family history. Danielle would be sub-letting my place while I was gone, but I let her and her cute little sweet pea daughter (3 years old) move in a month early or so. Disaster ensued. Except for this night here, a couple nights before we left where we got to have a good laugh at this VSCO girl thing (I think secretly we were just super jealous, because we're old now)! lol

2) Packing up my life and my business, literally! Into these two attachable blue bags (everything I would need to live and work for 8 months)! I say attachable, and they are - that was the allure of them, but believe me these bags are way too heavy on their own much less attached. So that was a fun idea.

3) Packing up the car (err Danielles car) with nearly 100 boutique packages (after Danielle, Sophia, Beth and I spent hours sorting through orders, packing them and labeling them). Literally the NIGHT before I was to leave for Europe. Yup. I have intelligence for days! 

5) Driving my little pup-pup to my familys house across the state and chilling with them for a week before it was time to officially hit the road, jack!

6) Saying goodbye to my little Moo-Moo, my little Missy. I had never left her for more than a couple weeks before. I definitely wish I could give her a big old hug right now! BUT I am getting reports back from my mom, and all is well! And apparently she has taken up Yoga. 


Now -- on to Ireland!

I was only there for one short week, but it was literally the PERFECT start to my trip. 

  • I landed in Dublin and took a bus a few hours over to where I would be staying, in downtown (City Center) Cork! I would also be walking up 5 flights of stairs each day - but we don't need to talk about that lol!
  • I met up with some friends of mine, who are also doing the digital nomad thing (in fact, they work with me for Hot Mess as well doing small coding development tasks for my clients)! 
  • We took a trip St. Finne Barre's Cathedral, and Blarney Castle to kiss the Blarney Stone (gorgeous, yes)! PS: over there the regular cars take diesel, and diesel isn't the green pump like it is in the US - long story short my friend's poor husband felt terrible when they ended up having to call someone to drain their gas tank of the non-diesel fuel (definitely the most expensive tank of gas any of us had heard of). 
  • I never ever felt out of place being a 'bigger girl' - BUT the doorways and staircases were certainly narrow. In fact, I'm quite positive this is TMI, but I'll never forget not being able to even wipe properly in the restroom at my own AirBnb (literally the toilet was squeezed in right next to the tub with no space at all)! Also not a huge fan of the temperature control in the shower, which offered either too cool for school or scalding hot. 
  • Anyway, finally I took a day trip/tour over to the Irish coast (a quaint little town called Dingle)! Umm, yes. The Irish coast! It was freezing, and windy and raining lightly on and off. But it was beautiful! This day included a few stops at different areas along the coastline, a horse and carriage ride in the Killarney National Park and a stop for some bomb clam chowder! 
  • Oh yeah - and I also, like, got a lot of work done - I swear! 


Ok, now where are the photos!?!??!

Downtown Cork:


St. Finne Barre's Cathedral:

Blarney Castle & Grounds:


Killarney National Park:


Dingle (Lovely Coast Town):


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