How to Scale Your Online Boutique with Dropshipping

Running a successful boutique business isn’t easy. With massive online retailers like Amazon and SHEIN,  your boutiques need to differentiate themselves to stand out among their competitors. That being said, there has to be a good reason for potential customers to choose to buy from you over big-name retailers like Amazon and SHEIN. There could be following reasons:  

  1. It’s cheaper buying from you vs. Amazon/SHEIN/etc.
  2. You have unique products that other big retailers don’t have
  3. You have built relationships with your customers, so they feel like you are curating pieces especially for them

Any of these reasons can make people buy from you over bigger online retailers. So, how do you accomplish these things to run a successful boutique business? 

How To Be More Affordable

Always check if your retail price is competitive compared to similar items on the market or not. Even though you may make less margin per item, think about all the orders you would get by lowering the retail price. Small margin times large numbers of orders is still a decent amount of margin for you. 

How To Sell Unique Products

It’s important for online stores to niche down to create a brand that stands out. What’s your brand image and the value that you want your customers to know?  Do I sell only denim or do I sell only bohemian style? Don’t blindly just add all best selling products to your online store, but rather think about how they fit into your branding. If people can not tell your brand from another brand, why should they buy from you?

Another way to stand out is to take your own photos after buying samples. By having your own photos instead of just using the stock photos like everyone else does, you are able to convert your customers better because they feel the connection to you

How To Make Customers Feel Catered To

Put a huge emphasis on curation. This is why your customers will stay with your brand for the long term. Understand your customers and provide them with that personal touch. They buy from you because they know and trust your taste and curation for them.  You don’t need to have tons of customers to be a successful business. Maybe you only have a few hundred customers, but you get to know them really well. Be their stylist and they will continue to buy from you!

Most of the successful fashion/boutique brands follow the below 3 steps to success

  1. Dropship products first to test things out with minimum cost.
  2. Take Inventory for hot-selling products to provide faster shipping and stable inventory (so that you don’t run out of inventory when running ads on your bestsellers)
  3. Design and manufacture your own products (private label, OEM manufacturing)

Trendsi will be with you every step of your journey as your strongest supply chain backbone. In the end, Trendsi, YOU, and Shopify combined are competing against big name retailers. We believe in the future of e-commerce where it isn’t monopolized by Amazon/SHEIN, but instead every business owner will have a shot. 

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 Sherwin Xia, Co-founder of Trendsi Sherwin Xia, Co-founder of Trendsi. The one-stop shop supply chain solution for your boutique and brand.


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