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5 Tips for Finding (and Retaining!) New Clients Online

Many thanks to freelance blogger Riva Janelle for this guest blog!

Businesses today have multiple ways of finding new clients. However, it can sometimes be difficult to determine what specific approach to take. In this article however, we’ll discuss some proven ways to find and retain new customers that are definitely worth a try.

⭐ Provide Content Through Social Media

If there’s something people can’t get enough of, it’s engaging content on social media.Even if we don’t think of things that way, most of us spend hours online, looking for the right article or video to consume and share with our friends.

Accordingly, building a reliable source of good content is one of the cheapest and most effective ways to get new clients. Not only do people tend to engage with this kind of content, but they’ll often share it with people they know, too (either directly or just by “liking,” which in turn flags it for related users to see).

⭐ Advertise Through Local Businesses

It is easy to get caught up in creating your own original content, but there is always a limit to one business’s reach. It is important to overcome this limitation by partnering up with local businesses already established and trusted within the community.

Partnering with a local business could simply entail posting each other’s content on social media or featuring each other’s products in your own posts. Having a local business share your post and vouch for your product would also build credibility for your brand. In more ways than one, this method would garner wider reach and guarantee that your brand would reach more people who would hopefully convert to customers.

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⭐ Leverage Referral Programs

Some of the most important assets companies have when it comes to finding new clients are, in fact, their own satisfied customers. People who are happy with the product or service at hand are likely to share that information with friends and family –– even more so if the right incentive is provided.

According to Forbes, most marketers consider referral programs to be an extremely valuable way to produce good leads at low cost. The form they take may vary depending on your business though: An appliance store, for example, may offer loyal customers longer warranties on new purchases, whereas an online media company might offer discounted subscriptions or special-access podcasts.

⭐ Improve Your Online Store Interface

People spend a lot of time browsing stores online, so it is very important to understand what they need.

It might be impossible to offer the absolute best product or price for everyone, but you might be able to persuade visitors through other means.

If there’s something people hate, for instance, it’s a sluggish and confusing interface. Therefore, by providing a smoother experience, you can attract their attention, where your competitors might fail to do so.AskMoney’s look at Shopify benefits essentially points out that this is one reason this particular platform is so popular among online sellers. It is designed to help entrepreneurs take advantage of accessible interfaces and customizable templates, thereby catching the eyes of consumers online.

This is a very important lesson to keep in mind no matter how or where you’re doing business on the internet. If your platform is a pleasure to view and interact with, you’re in much better shape!

⭐ Take Advantage of Special Days

Many consumers have to work with relatively tight budgets. This means that they can’t spend their money on anything they want –– but also that they’re likely to be on the lookout for special sales.

The popularity of dates like Black Friday has convinced most people that the best deals are saved for special days. And as we recommended in our’ 9 Ways to Prep Your Online Store for Holiday Shoppers’, having a couple of really good deals during a particular holiday can be an effective way to get new clients. But really, you can take advantage of all kinds of different occasions to advertise deals, make your customers happy, and attract new customers as well.

In the end, you’ll also want to adjust your tactics according to what works for your specific business and its customer base. The strategies above can go a long way toward both bringing in and retaining online business😃.

Written for Hot Mess Consulting by Riva Janelle
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