Glow Up Packs Subscription Calendar

This is our standard ongoing calendar for your glow up packs! Please note:

  • Your regular monthly pack is not meant to be seasonal/holiday related (there may be a hint of that, but we want to keep these more everyday use for you or even base them on super hot trends that may be going viral that month)!
  • Then on top of the regular monthly packs, you will get the following bonus packs for the most important retail holidays and season switch overs!
  • If you feel we are missing a holiday or special event that is crucial for boutiques - please let us know over in our Subscribers Only Facebook Group  (we want alllll the feedback)! 
January 1/10 St. Paddys Day 1/20
February 2/10 Easter, Spring 2/20
March 3/10 Mother's Day 3/20
April 4/10 Summer 4/20
May 5/10 4th of July 5/20
June 6/10
July 7/10 Fall, Back to School 7/20
August 8/10
September 9/10 Halloween, Winter 9/20
October 10/10 Holiday, Black Friday, Pink Friday 10/20
November 11/10 New Year 11/20
December 12/10 Valentine 12/20