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Be More Intentional With Your Sales

When it comes to sales, here’s what I DON’T recommend (and what I suggest instead)

Honestly, I really dislike highlighting a regular, all-the-time sale collection on your menu or anywhere else on your website. (Now I never say never, because you have to do what is best for you, and I know every business is different but for me, it’s a no-no.)

You want people focused on buying your full-price items because that’s the profit margin you need. If you’re always selling stock at a discount or always have a sale collection, people will just end up shopping there and ignoring your full-price items. Use sales sparingly, is what I’m trying to say - and only feature those sales when they happen and remove them from your menu or website as soon as the sale ends.

And yeah, if you want to use a blanket sale (20% off everything), that’s totally up to you, but I just think there are ways to be more creative and get more out of a sale!

Here’s a real-life example: for discounts for my passion store Chasing Thunder, I created a main stickers page and the promotion: “Buy three T-shirts, get a sticker sheet for free.” This is one example of a way to encourage and increase your average order or cart total by setting up a simple discount code so that when customers buy 3 T-shirts in one purchase order, they’ll be able to add a sticker sheet to their cart for free.

You want to be really clear with how each discount method works, especially if you’re going to do a more advanced discount code. You can do many things to try to increase a customer’s purchase order, with the primary focus being how to incentivize a customer to order more. For example Bundles, free Shipping threshold or some kind of free gift or dollar discount.

Just try to be more intentional with your sales with your goal being a higher cart total instead of just discounted items, and see where it takes you!! 

While it may be tempting to have a constant sale section on your website, it can actually end up hurting your full-price sales in the long run. Instead, use sales sparingly and creatively, and focus on incentivizing customers to increase their cart total. By doing so, you can boost your profits while also providing value to your customers. Remember, it's all about finding the right balance and being clear about your discount policies to avoid any confusion.

Happy selling!

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