Hot Mess Quick Fixes
Hot Mess Quick Fixes
Hot Mess Quick Fixes
Hot Mess Quick Fixes

Hot Mess Quick Fixes

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Let's Chat First!

We know how minor installation and integration issues can really get on your nerves - and seriously - who has time for that anyway?!

Our Hot Mess Quick Fixes are mini-services designed to make integrations effortless!

#1 Shopify to Facebook Store Integration

Are you struggling to link your store to FB? Let's hop on a quick call and (try) to fix that!

Have your Facebook Password and Shopify Login handy, and we'll troubleshoot with you and provide feedback on the issue. 

PS This is one of only two services we offer a refund on -if we can't fix it, we'll reimburse you immediately! 

#2 Sezzle App Installation

Payment plans = more happy shoppers!😁

Once you've registered with Sezzle (our favorite Payment Plan app), we'll help you install your new payment options in a flash!

Just have your Shopify Login and a PDF copy of your W-9 handy for the call.

Need more help? Not sure if these services are right for you? Shoot us a message and let us know what you need!

#3 Coding & IT Solution 

Have a coding issue? Want to make changes to your website from the backend? Add color or size swatches? Modify collection appearances? Book this service and we'll reach out to you via email to learn more! 

This is the second service we do offer a refund on... if we can't find the solution! 

#4 PhotoMagic 2.0 

Are your product photos different sizes? It's unprofessional bad for SEO, site speed, and lowers your social proof! We have a one-time code that can fix it all! Only disclaimer, the code needs to stick with the same theme!