Writing Post Prompts for Your VIP FB Boutique Group

Coming up with fresh, creative, ENGAGING ideas for your VIP FB Boutique Group is hard work. And we know you already have enough of that to go around!!


So, we prepped a big list of NON-SALESLY prompts for your next couple of VIP group posts!


👉If it's been a while, start with a re-introduction post where you tell the group more about yourself, your boutique, and your passion!

👉Share a personal story about your journey or experience related to your boutique.

👉Share a helpful tip or piece of advice related to the items you sell.

👉Share a recent success story related to your boutique - whether it was a big award or a really delighted customer. Think about how your brand touched their lives? 

👉Ask members to share their biggest challenges related to shopping, shopping online, or other burning issues.

👉Share a relevant quote or inspirational message related to the group's topic but add some of your own text too, it just makes it more personal to explain WHY you shared something. 

👉Ask members to share their favorite shows, books or podcasts related to fashion,

👉Share a relevant news or current event related to your niche,

👉Share one of your blog posts or a video!

👉Ask members to share their favorite quotes, 

👉Share a relevant meme or funny image (Angela dropped a bunch in the group yesterday!)

👉Ask members to share their best memories of your store, your products, and your brand:-)


Okay, that should be enough to chew on for a while.

And if you want more prompts, let us know for next time!!!

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