Use Your Social Media Analytics To Create Better Content


Analytics! Boring? Maybe. Super important? YES! As a boutique owner, I know you have 1000 things on your plate, but don’t push off social media analytics!

Knowing your social media numbers is THE KEY to growing on these platforms.

Don’t we all want more engaged followers? I know the answer is yes!

Did you know you get free insights and analytics through your social media platform of choice?

These analytics are super detailed already, but, if you want to go into more detail, you can sign up for Hootsuite, Sked Social, HubSpot, the list goes on, for even more in-depth analytics and post scheduling.

When looking at your analytics, the most important thing is to make sure that your time frame is set over one month. Looking at a 7-day report is awesome, but we want to make sure we are looking at more data when making decisions.

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Your analytics can tell you anything from when to post, your followers’ age, their interests, and so much more! Can you see why looking at your analytics is so important?

For example, when you are looking at your analytics from your Pinterest page, it will explain your audience’s interests and age. These interests and ages potentially will differ from your audience on Facebook.

When planning social media content for these platforms, it is important to keep these analytics in mind.

If your audience is super into cooking, creating a “Cook with Me” segment every week will not only allow your audience to get to know you better, but it will also engage your audience more, and, in turn, show your content to them more often.

Not only will they see your “Cook with Me” segment every week, but they will also see your new arrival posts. Pretty cool, right?

Analytics are SO important to analyze and use when making decisions on content, but they are also super helpful to see how you are growing over time.

If you have no idea where your numbers stand, how do you know that your content strategy is working?

Throwing ideas into the air will not be effective to scale your platforms.

I often check my customer’s analytics, but I make decisions based on our content plan once a month.

It is imperative to see which posts our audience is engaging with most, and if we don’t know our numbers, we cannot make these super important decisions based on data.

Sometimes you think something may not be working, and then you check the numbers, and there is other content you can toggle with first!

The world of analytics can be overwhelming, but it is what you make it! So much information is at your fingertips, it is up to you to review and implement the decisions that are data-based instead of attitude-based!

Take advantage, because your competition is!


I recently graduated with my Masters in Marketing with a concentration in Digital and Social Media Marketing from the University of Alabama. I am now living my dream, helping boutiques build their empires, one social media platform at a time.

As we’ve seen over the last few months, online shopping is the way of the future and I’m so happy to have a small hand in helping small and big businesses alike transition into the future of digital marketing.

Fashion has always played such a big role in my life, and I love working in the industry day in and day out!

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