Facebook 101: Boosting Post vs. Ad Manager


We commonly hear the question, “What is the difference between boosting a post and using Ads Manager?”

Grab a cup of coffee, sit back and relax, and learn how to maximize your marketing dollars for your business!

Ads Manager Saves Your Data    

The biggest difference between the two is simply the fact that when you are boosting a post on Facebook, after that boosted post hits your scheduled end date - the only data you are left with is the data that shows you how your ad performed, briefly, (if your goal was to get messages, it’ll show you how many messages you received).

If you run that same post in the backend of Facebook, after the ad is over, you will still be able to access that ad data at any time. This will allow you to learn, alter, record, and report the data so that you can get better results in the future.

Additionally, your target audience can be saved. This is HUGE. Why spend marketing dollars if you can’t save that audience and hit them again in the future?

Ad Objectives Is A HUGE Advantage

Get more engagement or get more messages -- do either of these objectives align with your business model? I don’t think so.

(Spoiler alert: we rarely use either of these ad objectives for our clients.)

However, if you are boosting posts - this is all that you are utilizing. Take a minute to ask yourself, “Are these boosted posts bringing me a return?” Take it a step further with these questions, “Are people commenting on my post bringing me a return?” OR “Are people shooting me a quick message bringing me a return?”

Let me answer for you: no.

A turn-key funnel will bring you a return. Real people making real purchases resulting in real cash flow brings you a return. How to do this? Ads manager.

Our top 3 ad objectives when creating an ad within ads manager include:

  • Lead Generation (email list growth)
  • Traffic (website traffic)
  • Conversions (website purchases)

If you do not already have an ads manager account, create one and play around with all of the ad objectives, but make sure that you know these key three objectives!

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You Can't Schedule A Boost

Are you a weekend warrior? Most productive in the mornings? Night owl? Regardless of who you are, being able to schedule out an ad is a great way to knock out a task. If you are utilizing the boost button for your ads, you will be unable to do this.

At Digital Boutique Co, we are all about time blocking. If you can time block out 1 hour to schedule ads, you will be glad that you did when the madness of the holiday or retail sale rush comes.

Ads Manager Lets You Track Metrics

When creating your target audience for your Facebook ad, the differences for your target options are much more in-depth when using ads manager.

If you notice when boosting a post, the boosted post interface tells you that if you want more advanced options, use ads manager.

A commonly used metric within DBCo. is the “Connections” section that you see in the ads manager image near the bottom. This section features connections such as:

  • People who like your page
  • Friends of friends who like your page
  • Exclude people who like your page

These are great metrics to use when trying to build a cold audience.

Want More Placements?

Placements are where your ad can be placed through many of Facebook’s different channels. If you are boosting a post, you only have 2 placements available - Facebook and Instagram.

If you are running an ad through ads manager, you have 14 placements available to advertise on.

Ads Manager is a great tool that is available to you.
We highly recommend hopping on the platform and familiarizing yourself with the tools.

If you are ready to take your ads to the next level and have them analyzed daily, give us a call. We specialize in creating and managing ads for our clients.

If you are wearing too many hats, consider outsourcing Facebook marketing so that you can reap the benefits without putting in the work.

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Sydney is the manager of Digital Boutique Co. In the field for 6 years, Sydney has found her passion by helping clients grow with Facebook and Instagram ads.

An old soul - Sydney’s favorite moments of life include gardening with her husband, enjoying a hot cup of coffee in the morning, Johnny Cash tunes on repeat, and taking in every moment of life along the way.

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