Before You Hire A Shopify Website Designer...

You know what makes me sad? When a website client comes to us, and before we even get started, they tell me how they’ve tried to get help for their Shopify store in the past, only to be let down by the service provider they chose. And I know that they’ve often worked their butts off to get that help - which makes it even more frustrating.

So when someone comes to us, and that’s what they’ve already been through - I know it took a lot for them to trust again.

So today I thought I would share a few tips and ways to check if the service provider is a good, safe match for you (again, never fool-proof, but a start!)

Firstly, consider your current business goals.
Does the help you’re considering tie into those specific goals? Is your business in a place where you can afford more advanced help?

Ask for referrals from other business owners.
Often these seasoned owners already know many reputable service providers.

So let’s say you need a website designer and you find one you’d like to learn more about. Start by reviewing their portfolio (does their style align with yours?), customer reviews (this can help you understand their work ethic and the quality of their work), the specific niche/industry they serve (do you really want someone who works with everyone? Or do you want someone who knows your industry?), and whether they work with your website platform. Do they promise a specific sales or conversion increase (I’m always a little weary of those!) or educate you on what role your branding and website play within the rest of your business?

Some red flags to look out:

🚩 A messy, disorganized, or difficult-to-use website. I think this one would be a big blinking red neon sign!! If they cannot design a website that makes you go wow - for their own business - why would you trust them with yours?

🚩Poor communication from the start. You contact them and they take forever to reply. They tell you they only communicate a certain way and they aren't flexible. It’s just not a good omen for future customer service!

🚩Vague answers to your questions. You want to work with companies that are transparent about exactly what they offer, and that starts with answering all your questions - as many as you may have - clearly.

🚩Anyone who talks down to you, throws in passive aggressive or condescending language or makes you feel bad about yourself or your business in any way. No-one needs that energy EVER. Kick 'em to the curb double quick.

🚩Few or no customer reviews. Look, I get it. We all started with nothing, but if you can’t find even one review for a business or service, I’m just asking myself why??

🚩Not partnered with Shopify. I wouldn't say this is a deal breaker if you're really impressed with everything else but approved partners are generally a safer bet.

I hope this helps! Remember - you make the rules - don't settle for less than your business deserves!

With years of experience, and the love of learning and all things tech, our team is not only proudly partnered with Shopify but we specialize in helping clothing boutiques explode their brands!

Think we might be the right Shopify store designer for you? Let's find out!

Angela (Hot Mess Consulting)
Your (never sugarcoating it!) Branding & Shopify Bestie!

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