The 'Magic' Workshop

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This workshop will run for the month of AUGUST, inside of a private Facebook group. A payment plan (through sezzle) is available at checkout!

Can I share a little secret with you?? Actually I want to share a ton of secrets with you (in this workshop). But let's just start with a bit about my story!

Ok, here's the deal: I started my first business ( because I hated my life as it was. I couldn't stand the 9-5 admin grind and felt like I was losing my heart and soul trying to fit into this square hole (when I was a round peg). Plus, I had always had the desire to work for myself (and I knew I would one day too). 

Was the boutique absolutely everything I desired and needed? Hell no, it wasn't. I struggled. Big time! It was really hard for me. In fact, I left my dayjob BEFORE I was even profitable (I was bringing in $1000s, but I wasn't being as wise about what was outgoing, I wasn't properly tracking or setting goals, and I just wasn't treating my business like a business even though I totally thought I was).

Well you can bet that when I left my dayjob, I was forced to bring my business to profit real quick (I had no financial help from anyone else to pay my bills)! So - I did. But it's easy to run your business at a deficit. It's easy to run your business as a hobby (even if that was NEVER your intention, and even if you think you are doing everything you possibly can to succeed). It's easy to spend YEARS struggling and still never quite figure it out. I feel you!

Anyway, I brought my boutique up to profit, broke my monthly sales record, and then something crazy happened: Hot Mess (this business, my second business). Hot Mess showed itself as an opportunity (to help other ladies doing some of the things I love most), and my original goal was to earn an extra $1K per month helping other boutique owners, to supplement my boutique profit (because as some of you may know, it's QUITE expensive to live here in California). 

Well... what started out as a small potential source of revenue, QUICKLY turned into a six-figure business where I now have 3 employees (two of them full time) and have helped literally HUNDREDS of clients. And no - I don't normally like to share my revenue, but my point is that when you take failing OFF the table, when you make profiting (and profiting well, at that) a non-negotiable. Something magic really does happen. 

And by magic, I'm not talking about manifesting or mindset (although mindset is very important, and of course we are going to talk about that too). I'm talking about the magic of things falling into place because there's just no other way for them to fall anymore. I'm talking about your ability to be so flexible in business that you see opportunities where you might not have otherwise. I'm talking about YOU as an entrepreneur and what that really means (so not just you as a boutique owner, anyone can be a boutique owner - believe me - but not everyone can truly run an empire). 

Well since launching Hot Mess, I've learned even more (through my own businesses and my clients businesses) about what it takes to really succeed. And to be honest, I'm at a point in business that I'm tired of helping other business owners with THING A (like their website), when really their problems (why they are struggling in business) run sooooo much freaking deeper. 

I know you didn't start this business to work your ASS off and have absolutely nothing to show for it! So how can we fix that? 

A fair warning now, you better be ready to get REAL with me and the others that have signed up for this workshop. We will be a team. And, in return, I promise to be REAL with you too and leave nothing off the table. Like so real, I really shouldn't even be sharing these things with you. But I'm OUT OF MY MIND. Truly, I am. That's how I've gotten this far, and I'm convinced it's where MY talents lie. But where do yours lie? Some main topics we will be covering:

  • What do you really want and need out of your business? Are you getting that?
  • Are you profiting? If not, what changes would need to be made so that you can? What would that even look like?
  • How to make succeeding a non-negotiable. 
  • How to remain open-minded and flexible so that your business grows as you do, and so that you never miss an opportunity for revenue. 
  • How to set goals, track them, and beat them. 
  • How to build a mesmerizing brand. 
  • When to invest and when to say NEXT!
  • How time = money, and opportunity vs. cost. 
  • The magic of delegating and how/when to do it!
  • What is all this sh*t about mindset, and the truth about why it really matters. 
  • How to have the balls to just do what needs to be done to profit in your business (and let those doubts, insecurities and fears just go). 
  • The importance of failing fast (and often) and what that means.
  • All the other juicy secrets I can possibly share!

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