90 Days of One-on-One Business Mentorship

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Who is this for? Those trying to break into six figures this year in their business. And/or those trying to scale what is working - and start to shift towards building a business that is truly sustainable (like it actually works for you and your life, rather than you just running yourself totally ragged the rest of time). 

Are you struggling to make your business really work for you? 

Girl - I get it! In three years, I've gone from struggling to get my own boutique off the ground (and killing myself working my 9-5 alongside of running the boutique), to running a nearly well-oiled multiple-six-figure business with 3 full time employees and 2 new part-time employees (and growing). 

The truth is that both sides (the struggling and the 'success') are super challenging! But one issue that I find with a lot of my clients is they are never stepping back to be the true CEO of their own business. They want to do what they love most. BUT there is more to running a successful (profitable) business than just that! And you just don't know what you don't know.

I will only be taking 2 clients on at a time for a deeper one-on-one 90 days mentorship. And this is a mentorship with me personally - Angela - not my team, as they are busy designing dozens of websites right now! 

Also - I require that you really be ready and willing to put in some serious work here. This is going to require more than just a financial investment. You are going to need to spend some serious time and energy with me as well. Be ready to do some math/analytics with me. Is it fun? No! Believe me, I avoided it for as long as I could too - but at some point you really need to get real about it all. Also, be ready to dig in to some hard truths about what's working and not working - and you better be RAW with me girl (I won't be able to help you otherwise, this I swear to you). And finally be ready to make some actual changes to either shift the direction your business is currently going or amplify what is working so you can scale up!

This will include:

  • A 60-90 minute zoom call between you and I every other week during this 3 month period. Six total calls with me personally (Angela)!
  • A personalized plan of action made specifically for you, after our first call together (aka after we have hashed out where you are now, and what your goals and current resources are). 
  • Hands on guidance and training as we work through your action plan together (through our calls, or additional training videos/documents I will make for you based on your needs). 
  • Access to MY email inbox for any question you may have during this 90 days as we are working together (I will either answer your question immediately if I can - well, within 24 hours - or I will let you know that I'm going to work the topic/question into our action plan to discuss on our next call if it's a bigger issue/project to work on).

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