Welcome to the Glam Squad (yes we're a little cheesy here, be prepared for it).

No matter which subscription tier you have chosen - you will have access to our monthly glam up packs through your portal! We will email this information too - but here are your next steps!

1. Create Hot Mess Account

If you don’t have an account on our website yet, create that first (using the same email address you just subscribed with)!

Create Account

2. Login to Hot Mess Account

Once you do that (or if you already have an account), login!


3. Access Glam Up Portal

Once you are logged in, you will have access to your portal here (the link is always available in our main menu too). It can sometimes take 15 minutes for your account to have access.

Access portal


Your Portal is your new BFF!

Everything you need will be in your portal! But we’ll check in with you in a couple days too! You can also ask for any support needed over in the Facebook group.

Join the Group!

Other Important Things to Know!


You will get a few emails from us each month (invitations to our monthly drop-in office hours call, upcoming billing reminders, order confirmations once your subscription has renewed each month, and new pack alerts when we drop the latest glam)!

Community + Support

Announcements on glam packs will also be made in the Facebook group. Along with lots of other stuff - and you can ask questions or for support any time.

Organization + Planning

There is a calendar linked in your portal so you can see what packs you can expect to arrive by what dates so you can get your plan on before you get your glam on (told you we were cheesy sometimes)!