Shopify On-Boarding Surveys

Heyy!!! You've made it to our on-boarding survey! Ok we lied, there are actually two - we wanted to split them up for you as we really do go through quite a lot! 

When you click into the first survey, you will be prompted to login or create an account, this is so that you can save your work if needed and return to the survey to complete. Each survey is separate in this regard so you will create a login for each one! This is normal - don't be alarmed! 

Now - for some of you these surveys will be a breeze - but for some of you, these will be very overwhelming. We really dive in DEEP with you on so many details for your website. Sooo what you do before your onboarding call is up to you, you can:

  • Fill out both surveys to the best of your ability before your on-boarding call - which will best prepare you for our call/s
  • You can skim/read through the surveys (possibly watch some of the videos I have linked in the second survey) so you are at least mentally prepared for everything we will be going over on our call/s
  • You can check out the surveys, say 'nope - this is too much for me' and just wait for your phone call/s with us (and listen if this is you, it's ok - we got you)

There is no right or wrong answer here! But I will say that the very best results in working with us will be found if you really do roll up your sleeves with us and take this on-boarding process as an opportunity to learn more as well. The more informed you are about what's possible for your website - the better we will be able to create true magic for you with yours!

OK - on to the surveys:

  1. Basic Survey - Estimated 15-45 Minutes to Complete
  2. Next More In-Depth Survey - Estimated 45-90 Minutes to Complete

Thank you!! We are so excited to get to work!