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Why work with us?

Ready to grow? We're here for it! We'll help you dream bigger and explode your boutique revenue with through iconic branding + strategic web design.

Do you think your website + branding is just fine, but you can't seem to figure out how to increase dang sales (to match or even beat your in-store or Facebook Group sales)?

Or are your website sales good, but you just know they could be better?

Do you have BIG goals, and wish you had a team that could help you elevate + optimize your website to reach them?

Or are you brand new to this space + you want to skip through years of headache trying to do this all by yourself?

Ready to go big? Let's chat!

We got you, boutique owner!

What you'll get...


A fresh professional critique of your branding design and copy - to make sure that your brand identity is strong, turns heads and calls in the right customers.


A review of your website's design and functionality - including your menu, overall organization and navigation, ease of use, and the customer journey!


We've seen so many boutique besties make the same common mistakes and we want to make sure that YOU aren't falling into these traps and give you the tools to fix the most commen problems we see!

Ready to stop winging it, and EVOLVE?


Kelly - Elly Jaymes Clothing Co.

If you are looking for someone for website and promotional materials design, I can not say enough amazing things about Angela and her team! I honestly did not expect to love my site as much as I do. I really didn't have a vision for it yet they helped me get there and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it! It was very easy, straightforward, and they were always willing to help when I wasn't sure what exactly I wanted or how to get there. My sales have increased drastically, like 10 times ad spend, and I know it's because my site looks professional! If you're even considering Angela, do it. You won't be sorry!!!

Ali - Mimi Grace Boutique

I cannot thank Angela and the Hot Mess team enough! I have been selling clothes for 4 years with direct sales and recently made the leap to become and independent boutique owner. I knew I needed a top notch website-which the thought of creating scared the crap out of me. I did a TON of research and messaged back and forth with multiple companies. Hot Mess was NOT the cheapest, but I could tell from the start they were thorough. The details that they had thought of I would have never thought of on my own. The videos of step by step instructions were so helpful. They legit hold your hand through it all. I know investing in Hot Mess will be worth it through the long haul! I am obsessed with my site and all of the work the team did! THANK you Angela & team!


Book your Website Health Check Now!

Angela was one of the best decisions I ever made for my business. I would recommend her services to anyone and everyone. She made what I thought would be a stressful process fun and easygoing. She worked so hard on my website, which I've got thousand of compliments on! I had a vision and Angela made it come to life. Not only did she make my website beautiful, organized and easy to use she is ALWAYS there to answer and help with questions I have. So, let me get to the point... Angela is the BEST you won't regret hiring her.

Lindsay | Paisley Anne Boutique

I thought this process would be super simple and after a few weeks I would be handed a pretty website, but this was work! Angela had me thinking of details I hadn't realized were important. My new website shows me just how badly I needed help. Angela's team was quick, creative, and did a wonderful job showing me what I need to succeed. I really appreciated the video guides to show me how to do things on my own in the future like switching out the graphic overlays. I will return to Hot Mess for all of my seasonal refreshes!


Jessica | Therapie Clothes

Oh, where to begin. I knew I wanted to work with Angela from the beginning. Her work is something that is GOALS. I told myself I couldn’t afford it, but finally made the jump, it is an investment after all. The whole process has been exciting. Angela and her team are SO talented. Taking what was inside my head and turning it into a beautiful website. If you’re serious about your business, you don’t want to pass this investment up!

Taryn | Gypsy Oak Boutique

Don't Wait

Book your Website Health Check!

Why Hot Mess? ➡️ Why are we so ridiculously qualified to help you?

Good question! I (Angela, the head dreamer here) was an online and mobile boutique owner for three years before even venturing to help other boutique owners with what I'm really best at (Branding + Websites), so I know the ins and outs of your needs, goals and struggles.

I also am still and always will be a small business owner at heart, so I'm serious about really helping you (with more than just the surface level stuff) and providing more value than others in this industry because I've been there and I want you to have the brand, website and tools you need to succeed!

I may not have had all the answers when I started Hot Mess, but I'll tell you what - I have seen almost everything at this point and every new task or challenge has brought me to where I am today. And after helping over 700 clients thus far, I have continued to revamp my process, packages and team to include the help that matters most to you at whatever level you may be at (whether that is just starting out or well-seasoned and looking to evolve).

And that's just me! I haven't even told you about the stellar team I've built here yet! You will have your very own graphic designer, coding developer and a few other amazing gals well-versed in all things Shopify here to help you through the process and provide customer service and training videos + further support along the way!

Listen, we aren't the cheapest or the fastest (this is a work of love, baby). But I will absolutely say that from day one I have poured my heart and freaking soul into this business (not unlike you, I'm sure) and you won't find someone more dedicated, passionate and committed to watching you grow as a business owner. And that's the difference.