It's almost time for
Client Appreciation Week

Our favorite week of the year is coming! Time to LOVE on all our clients and friends!

Each day, we'll be:

  • Giving away 'goodies' with MASSIVE value ($1,000s in value, to be exact, and we AREN'T talking about our own services either)!
  • Offering amazing deals, including our biggest deal day of the ENTIRE year. If you've been waiting to work with us, now is the time.
  • Daily LIVE workshops with some amazing tips and tough love bombs to help you grow your biz.

The juiciest stuff (including all the giveaways) is happening IN our Facebook group!

It's almost time!

We'll be celebrating YOU September 25th - 29th

What's Happening?

See all the details (we are willing to share so far) below! Every day, we will update this page once we release the full details too!

Everyone will have access to the deals, but the workshops and giveaways will ONLY be accessible inside our facebook group, so join us there too!

Lastly, we will be granting some website wishes all month long - catch the post on my personal page here to submit yours!

9AM PST: Fun Kickoff Giveaway!
Hint: we got your back!

11 AM PST: LIVE Panel Workshop w/ Angela,
Jane and Nadia (all experts in the industry).
Investing in your Biz: Expert tips on what,
when, why, how and who to invest with
(and when not to)

1 PM PST: Marketing Help Giveaway
(valued at $500+)!
join the group WORKSHOP RSVP
All Day: LIVE meet and greets with
some of our favorite wholesalers!

9 AM PST: Our first big DEAL is dropping!
Be ready to get your (website) glam on!

10 AM PST: LIVE Workshop
w/Karla and Shar.
Wholesale vs Retail Websites

of the week is happening.
Hint: it involves TONS
of inventory for your shop!
join the group WORKSHOP RSVP
9 AM PST: Our next big DEAL
is dropping.

10 AM PST: LIVE Workshop
w/Jess and Mel:
People over Profits the Hot Mess Way

12 PM PST: Another BIG Giveaway.
Hint: you're about to
get yo plan on!
join the group WORKSHOP RSVP
8 AM PST: LIVE Workshop
w/Vicky and Angela.
The Ripple Effect: How Self-Development Enhances
Every Aspect of Your Business

10 AM PST: Another BIG giveaway!
Hint: now you're gonna
get yo learn on.
join the group WORKSHOP RSVP

No hint droppin' here...
but if you need a new website or complete
overhaul - get those fast fingers ready...
deals are limited!
join the group
We Appreciate You!

Never in a million-kajillion years did I believe that helping out a few fellow boutique owners (a handful of years ago) with what I love doing most would turn into this .... whole .... thing!

The truth is that, 'mighty' as we may appear sometimes, we are still a small scrappy business too. Fighting alongside you to beat the odds and build the empire.

Sometimes we struggle to cover payroll. Sometimes we drop a ball - sometimes it was too important of a ball to drop. Sometimes we handle things the wrong way, or say the wrong thing.

But always do we just want YOU all to succeed. It's what we are really here for and it's WHY we are even here.

And, believe me, every single message of support, homepage refresh, full project - all of it, every single thing, means so much to us and is what allows us to continue serving.

So before the madness of Q4 begins, I just wanted to take a pause and honor all of that (honor all of YOU).

- Angela