Workshop Sneak Peek: Blog Content Plan + Set Up

Quick Breakdown:

So I have a ton of clients that never knew that you could set up your blog RIGHT on Shopify. Now if you want your blog to really stand as it's own business (and be a potential source of it's own revenue one day), then hosting your blog on Shopify is probably not the wisest decision for you.
BUT if your main priority is your e-commerce shop, and you want to blog to benefit this business - then it's perfect!
Blogging can help drive traffic to your website (assuming that you are, of course, sharing your blog posts everywhere you can once you post them), build a community and even help your SEO (content is king, they say, and this is because you can sprinkle tons of SEO keywords and phrases throughout your blog posts).



I can’t rave enough about Angela and her expertise! That woman is a genius and she has completely changed my boutique game! I am technology challenged So let me tell you I did not know anything when I started. I took this course and have learned so so much and you learn how to apply it to your business. She’s very helpful if you’re stuck on an area. I’m so happy with this course and let me just add that I will probably take all of Angela’s classes in the future! You won’t have any regrets about purchasing this course, trust me.

-Christina B.

Here's what's coming soon AND what's already inside the Workshop:

What's coming:

  • New modules being added every month!
  • An exclusive quarterly email to help you get the most out of the Workshop!

Here's what's already inside of the Workshop:

  • Diving more in depth with your Branding (your logos, fonts, personality, style + so much more).
  • Graphic design 101
  • Photo Consulting/Guidance.
  • Picking the best paid Shopify theme possible.
  • Crafting your about blurb + product descriptions (and other copy guidance).
  • Nailing down your shipping, return and pickup policies.
  • Organizing/re-organizing your product categories (figuring out which to feature on your homepage).
  • Optimizing your main menu.
  • Creating calls to action (based on your individual business goals), such as your email, app, or text club opt-ins, and of course, making sales.
  • Customizing your Shopify + Mailchimp Emails (or other email platform). Including creating your automation flow/s (welcome email, thank you email, abandoned cart, etc.).
  • Setting up your blog, coming up with a content plan.
  • Setting up your domain and custom email.
  • Setting up your Facebook pixel and google analytics.
  • Crafting your meta title + description.
  • Reviewing your entire customer journey so you can find all the little points in the process that can use some work. From your posts on social media, all the way through to the final package your customer gets when they order.
  • Some simple SEO best practices.
  • Wholesale Flow
  • All About Apps


  • Creating a content plan + scheduling out 30 days of social media posts (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest).
  • Resources/direction as to what's next from here (hint: once your website and brand is on point, we'll chat about what metrics you want to focus on and how you can drive traffic to your website).

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