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This month: Our IT + Coding Development Specialist Jan answers YOUR FAQ'S!

When we need the impossible done here at Hot Mess, there's one man we know we can turn to - Jan Brits; our exceptional coding and tech wizard🧙‍♂️!

And today, he answers YOUR most frequently asked questions about Shopify themes, product photo resizing, how to remove unwanted white space, styling changes to CommentSold stores, and more.

Let's get techy!  

Can I fill the white space behind my logo at the top of the site with texture or color?

Absolutely! This isn't a feature you will find in all the themes but can be coded manually. We would only need the color name, hex code, or example to make this happen!

Keep in mind that using a picture or colorful image behind your logo might not always be the best solution visually, depending on your logo.

How can I resize my product images?

Various apps can resize all the product images on your store but beware of the ramifications of using them. There is a good chance that the app will permanently change the image, which means once you change themes, your images might be inappropriate for the new theme.

My advice is Photo Magic - which I designed! We change the way product images are displayed instead of changing the original images and give you the option to change the size and display method in the theme options. This is the safest long-term solution for changing the product image display without causing permanent changes to image files.

Get 📸✨Photo Magic for your store today!

How can I change the shape/color of the Sale icon on product images?

This needs to be done in the code unless your theme has the option for this. If you can provide us with the desired shape and color, we can do the rest!

How can I change the location of the search bar on the homepage?

Also, something that needs to be done in the theme code. We can assist in changing the location of the search area and the size of the search box.

Recently, we helped a few clients with expanding search bars. We can change the search bar to only display the search icon, which then expands into the normal search bar when you hover over the search icon.

How can I remove extra space between menu items in the footer?

The extra spacing and padding is usually specified in the stylesheet of the theme. We can assist with any stylesheet changes you need, which will resolve spacing and padding issues in the footer of your store's theme. We can also add additional items into the footer, including awards or other images, custom links, and social media icons.

How can I remove extra space between images on the homepage on mobile view?

Some themes have the option to add or reduce padding. Have a look at the 'Customize' view settings where you need the spacing added/removed. Settings could be located in either sections or in the main Theme Settings area.

If you are struggling to find the setting or your theme doesn't have the option, please contact us to assist.

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Can I have two buttons on my one slideshow banner? Like if I wanted to put both my apps in that space?

The slideshow section is usually limited in functionality. Changing this requires custom coding, which we can assist you with. We can change the code to have them next to each other on desktop view and one above the other on mobile view.

Can I make styling changes to the homepage, product page or collection pages on CommentSold?

CommentSold is very limited with customization. At this point in time, we can only assist with responsive changes on custom pages like the About Us pages. The homepage, collection page, and product pages offer no option to add custom changes to the styling code. CommentSold is said to be launching an updated version of their platform in the first half of 2021, which will allow more customization.

How can I add color swatches to my products?

Some themes support this functionality out of the box. For those that don't, an app or custom coding would be needed to facilitate this feature. The benefit of getting this coded into your theme compared to using an app, is the customization which can be done on the swatches. We are able to assist clients with adding swatches into their store themes.

I have an app for apple and google, but I only want one button to link to whatever device the customer is using?

We can add code to your theme that will check which platform, Apple IOS or Android, your store visitors are using to determine which app store to direct them to when they click on your app banner. So yes, you will be able to have one app banner or image on your page for both apple and android users.

If you need help with your Shopify or CommentSold store, book a call with our friendly team today!

(Who knows - you might even get to meet Jan!)

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Basically, I get paid to break things on a daily basis although I am expected to fix them too for some unknown reason?


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