Shopify Setup + Design


Are you ready to go ONLINE in a big way? Or re-vamp what you have going on? We'd love to help!

We have really taken a lot of care in our creative process! And it's built in a way to complete things thoroughly, efficiently and based on YOUR needs and vision at every step.

We will work on your website and emails (to really cover your customer's journey). And along the way, we will help with any branding aspects that need a little (or a lot of) love, such as your logo, color scheme, font choices, and overall vision. This package includes:

  • Let's strategize, we are going to dive in to your business goals before we even get started to make we maximize our time together and get you the tools/resources you need to reach those goals once our project is complete!
  • Brandboard, with logo design (if needed)
  • Homepage graphics designed and installed
  • New theme customization/setup (after choosing just the right one with you)
  • Collections/menus organized/re-organized
  • 2-3 addtl pages designed (aside from the homepage)
  • 1-3 app installs upon request
  • Up to 5 hours of coding development time (if needed for any special tweaks needed to your theme)
  • All of your Shopify emails customized to match your fancy new website
  • 3 Mailchimp email templates + a welcome automation (or we can help with whatever email platform you may be on)
  • Email subscriber pop-up
  • Finally, we'll leave you with actionable steps and strategies that you can put into place along with your amazing new site to help you reach those goals!

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