Bubbly Brand Style + Website Setup

So, you've got big dreams for your boutique, right? Of course!! Buuuut... you're also on a budget, so what's a girl to do?

Grab our Bubbly Brand Style + Website Setup service, that’s what! It’s just what you need to start your own store OR refresh your existing website!

This service (suitable for Shopify or CommentSold websites) includes a two-hour window with one of our specialist Project Managers to set up or refresh your homepage graphics. Choose your style from our Pre-Designed Homepage Collection catalogand select a color scheme to custom match your brand.

The Bubbly Brand Style + Website Setup Service includes:

  • A 2-hour virtual session with a Project Manager to help set up your new website (or further improve your existing one). And while we can't get everything done that we would in our full scale project - we try to squeeze in as much help as possible during your window of time and we can still get a lot done.
  • Homepage graphics (with color customization - you choose from over a dozen different styles)
  • Optional logo (basic pre-designed logo to match your selected style - JPG and PNG file format only)
  • Graphic overlays (for you to use and refresh your site with new pics!)
  • This package does not include any graphic revisions.

PLEASE NOTE: Our Bubbly service worksbestwith the free Minimal theme from Shopify andmostpaid Shopify or Out Of The Sandbox Themes. This is NOT compatible with these Shopify themes: Simple or Debut. If your current theme isn't compatible, you'll need to switch to a new theme! 

Color Schemes:Check out our Pinterest board!

Pre-Designed Homepage Collection:Check out our available styles!


Bold + Sassy
Bright, bold, and totally eye-catching!

Lullaby Love
Mom knows best, right? Make your homepage as cute as a button!
Street Cred
Stand out in an instant. 

Geometric Glam
Your customers will love this on-point look.

Rustic Boho
For those with a wild & free vibe...

Color Block
Add a little drama, girl! 

Soft Feminine
Graceful and girly? You'll love this refined feel.

Modern Chic
Smart. Stylish. And a little sexy!

Western Vibe
Cuz life is better in boots. 

Photo Focus
Show off your photos with this clean, minimal look.

Santa Baby
Just in time for the holidays!

Jolly Holly
Traditional Christmas feels. 

Clean and crisp. Just the essentials. 

and we're adding more Styles!

Click here to view all available styles!



If you want to dig in deeper than what this service provides - check out our full Brand Design + Shopify Website Build service.

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