Screenshare Session

Screenshare Session

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These screenshare sessions can be used in the following ways:

  • Small or large website (Shopify or CommentSold) related tasks that require feedback/communication (but do not require coding development or graphic design). For example - we can install a Shopify app with you or even setup an entire Shopify theme on a screenshare (time permitting, but when you are on the line for immediate feedback/direction, we can get a lot done in a shorter amount of time)!
  • Consulting, guidance and/or advice from my team one-on-one!
  • Training sessions for you or your team! This could be on Shopify, CommentSold, Canva, certain email marketing platforms, etc. 
  • These sessions can be recorded for you if you would like upon request. After the fact, we will not have access to record and it will be too late!

What screenshare time can NOT be used for:

  • Actual Graphic design
  • Anything requiring coding development

Questions? Always feel to email us if you want to be sure whether a screenshare session is right for you!!