Introducing: Our NEW Service Offerings

Introducing: Our NEW Service Offerings

✨Our New Services Are Here!✨

Hot Mess Consulting has come a long way. From just one gifted solopreneur with a MASSIVE dream to a team of almost twenty people helping over a thousand businesses build beautiful, successful, and profitable websites - all in just two years.

Wow! What a ride! Thanks for taking this journey with us.  

During that time, we’ve expanded our services with highly skilled individuals such as coders, copywriters, graphic designers, and project managers to our team - all with one goal in mind: To delight our customers with websites that make you stop and say OMG!

And now, we’re delighted to introduce the latest additions to our service offering:

⭐Sparkling or Champagne Brand Design Service⭐

Our brand design process will bring your vision to life! Our expert designers will help choose the best colors, typography, and aesthetic based on your ideas. Need a HOT new logo? We’ve got ya, too!

Serve up some Sparkling to get you started, or pop the bottle on our Champagne service to really dazzle your customers! 🥂

⭐Brand Design + Website Build⭐

Our full Shopify and CommentSold service includes your choice of Sparkling or Champagne Brand Design along with a FULL website build. From choosing the right theme to setting up collections and menus, our team will help make your dream store a stunning reality! This service includes app installations, coding time, multiple page setups, and more.

Need help optimizing your website to increase your revenue?
That's what we do!

⭐Bubbly Brand Style + Website Setup Service⭐

Includes a two-hour window with one of our specialist Project Managers to set up or refresh your homepage graphics.

Simply choose your style from our Pre-Designed Homepage Collection and select a color scheme to custom match your brand!

Perfect if you’re just starting out!

At Hot Mess Consulting, we’re in a constant champagne state of mind!

We believe everyone deserves a little bubbly, so our team of experts offers a variety of brand and web design services to meet your needs. Whether you’re launching a new eCommerce business, taking your brick and mortar store online, or leveling up as you expand, our team is here to bring your dreams to life!

Book a FREE call with us today, and let’s chat about your dream store (and how to get there!) or check out all our other AMA-ZING services here.

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